SoulCulture x DDotOmen present: Amanda Diva – Madame Monochrome (FreEP)

Breaking a two-year hiatus following 2009’s Spandex Rhymes & Soul, US emcee, singer, presenter, host and artist Amanda Diva releases her latest EP, Madame Monochrome; inspired by her recent trip to Europe – and today presented to you by SoulCulture and our blogging comrade across the pond, DDotOmen.

Keeping busy hosting shows, painting art [which she sells here], developing a TV show and speaking at US colleges among other things, Diva stepped back from music for a minute out of frustration “with America’s obsession with image over artistry and money over musicality.” But a recent trip to Europe to perform in Berlin and Paris showed her that there is still a world that appreciates true artistry… Renewed, she came back to the states, got back on the mic, and found her way to Madame Monochrome.

Alongside the project’s Ski Beatz-produced single, “Manchild,” Madame Monochrome also features production by James Poyser, Droop E, Cook Classics, Haydn, BlacSoap, Ruby Hornet, Asahi Suzuki and BDK. Preview and download the 10-track EP below, with an additional promo video for “Trendsettas”.

DOWNLOAD: Amanda Diva – Madame Monochrome EP

Staying true to form, she fluidly melds melody with flow and soul with the boom bap musically giving audiences an authentic look in to her mind and heart. However, the title is exactly what she is not. As she makes clear in the intro, a multifaceted artist she has refused to let the industry box her in to being a “mono” anything. With “MM” she shows that practice does make prowess, each record displaying more evidence of an artist who has finally found her musical voice.

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