Tyrese – Open Invitation | Album Review

Tyrese takes time out from acting, creating comics and penning books to return to his musical roots and provide his first studio in album in five years –Open Invitation. Released through his own music label Voltron Recordz (distributed by EMI), the comeback project serves as a welcome reminder of the solid R&B the California hailing star first made his name with.

Stating his position back in the game with “I’m Home,” we hear Tyrese on a more mid-tempo flow that is a little different from his Alter Ego days, recruiting upcoming rapper Jay Rock on the third verse. He keeps the tempo going further through the album with lead single “Stay” and “I Gotta Chick,” with star guests Rick Ross and R.Kelly.

The perfect combination of new sounds with the old Tyrese can be heard in “Takeover”; a feel good track with classic R&B vocals, no faults can be found. As with almost every R&B album, an interlude and sex-fuelled song doesn’t go amiss; as with “Make Love,” reminding us that he can still appeal to women all across the globe through his music.

We do hear some new sounds with “One Night” and “Too Easy” featuring Ludacris; commercial cuts that the album could have done without on one hand but will undoubtedly be replayed on the club scene on the other.

Channeling the material of old we know the singer for most, such as “How You Gonna Act Like That,” new track “Nothing On You” will be received well from R&B listeners. With most of the album produced by Brandon Alexander, with the odd couple produced by Lil Ronnie, the album reflects Tyrese’ own personal touch in his material with a modern twist and gimmick free.

Never forgetting his fans whether online or televisionm he sways some of his Twitter gospel into song with “Walk…Poem For My Fans” which was chosen to end the affair. Overall the album does well in combining both mid and up-tempo R&B with a hint of Rap keeping listeners intact throughout; Open Invitation epitomizes modern R&B at its best. With something for fans both old and new, the album serves a satisfying refresher from the singer turned actor, proving that he hasn’t lost it just yet.

Tyrese – Open Invitation
Released: November 1, 2011
Label: Voltron Recordz/EMI
Buy: iTunes US / iTunes UK / Amazon UK / Amazon US

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