To Whom It May Concern: Choklate’s New LP Is Essential!

choklate to whom it may concern

If anyone is looking for an album that has you hooked in the first 30 seconds, and keeps you thoroughly engrossed till the very last note then look no further than Choklate’s To Whom It May Concern.

Most indie/underground soul fans will be familiar with Choklate from her self-titled debut which went largely unnoticed by the mainstream but became a firm favourite of those who keep a keen ear to the ground.

To Whom It May Concern follows on pretty much where Choklate left off… The winning combination of Choklate’s soulful, silky vocals riding on top of Hip Hop influenced beats is as present here as it was on her debut. That said, this is no ‘safe’ carbon copy of her first album. Even with the somewhat limited amount of time I have spent with her two releases it is apparent that the lady has grown as both a vocalist and writer.

Stand-out tracks on the album include the ‘Time Tells Intro’ (which I wish was a full track), the hip-hop influenced, inspirational first single ‘Suns Out’, title track ‘To Whom It May Concern’, and the disco tinged track ‘The Tea’.

Now here’s hoping she graces the UK with a show or two in support of this album, I hear on good authority that she kills it live.

Buy the album. Support real music.


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