Shadez The Misfit – Misfit Maximus | Mixtape Review

Believe it or not, UK Hip Hop isn’t merely about being wavey, flee or swagged out as the recent crop of rhymers have shown. There are a good handful who rather choose to inspire as well as move the crowd. Shadez The Misfit is another that can be added to the acclaimed bunch of poets, ever crafting his niche and becoming one of the sought after names in the underground field. Misfit Maximus is the project which aims to assert his position and maintain the reverence he himself has created.

Made up of numerous piano led productions which take on a mellow mood, the embracing of the black and white keys adds sophistication to Shadez’s reflective and analytical verses. Add to that a stern, melancholic flow and you’d find his latest outing makes for an appeasing listen. Shadez documents his everyday occurrences and toils on the beautifully crafted “Living Life,” recited with a genuine tone rather than an ego tripping showman trying to sound humble.

The London rapper exhibits a loner-esque persona, sounding always if he were in thought and penning lyrics constantly pursuing happiness. “Balance Beams” arguably is the best example to epitomise Shadez’ nonchalant stylings as the Misfit trawls through an atmospheric escapist production which will even push listeners to pause for thought. Musically, Misfit Maximus is full of depth, composed of beats submerged in jazzy compositions.

“What Am I To Do” blends soul snippets into the rappers stanzas and delves into a more futuristic sound in the second half of the song. Even the brief interlude “Wrath Of God” dabbles with some electric funk and rock, highlighting a diverse ear for genres. Shadez The Misfit’s mournful tones may not sit well with those looking for some enthusiasm and life in his voice. The monotonous warblings run throughout the duration of the album and when reaching the latter stages of it, the drones can seem tiresome. Whilst the track “Stay” offers up an engulfing instrumental with solid verses from the Misfit and guest Nate, the chorus’ dreary execution doesn’t serve its purpose too well.

With a voice which one may associate with a grimier, raw delivery, Shadez the Misfit utters delicately constructed stories which content inspired listeners will gravitate to easily. Shadez displays enough maturity to remain composed even when venting frustrations in his short four minute anecdotes. Although his hoarse tones may not sync fully at times with the score on offer, Misfit Maximus for the most part successfully weaves together street knowledge, personal anxiety and rich sounds which should get the nod of approval from fellow Hip Hop aesops and more.

Download: Shadez The Misfit – Misfit Maximus mixtape

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