REKS – Rhythmatic Eternal King Supreme | Album Review + Stream

The warning is abundantly clear – that hardcore Hip Hop is back with a vengeance. So far this year, Raekwon, Talib, Saigon and Pharoahe Monch have dragged back into the forefront the rugged, unapologetic sounds which whips ciphers into a frenzy and causes fans to go wild in underground shows.

Looking to add to the mountain of solid music currently out is ten years in the game rapper Reks, whose reputation as one of the top spitters away from the mainstream lights still remains intact. Gaining many nods in the game that his latest release boasts an array of super producers, Reks may very well need to bring his best book of rhymes to ensure his third studio album is an all round classic.

A grandiose album title if there ever was one, nevertheless the sovereignty of the first guest to appear should give Reks the right to be a little braggish. With DJ Premier going behind the boards for ‘25th Hour’, Reks is blessed with a killer, vintage beat made up of the trademark drums, piano keys and cuts which have added credibility to many rappers’ discography.

Much like emcees of the past, the Boston resident has an affirming presence on the beats, laying down wack namesakes whilst bigging himself up with much confidence. This makes him the perfect candidate to drop some sharp rhymes over Pete Rock’s intense ‘Thin Line’, as his savage delivery cuts swiftly through the legendary beatmaker’s instrumental.

R.E.K.S. is powered by the rhymer’s body blow delivery which punctuates the ears when going heavy with the lyricism. Listening to ‘Kill ‘Em’ for the first time will instantly conjure up thoughts of taking aim at other rappers, but further listening produces results much different from the first play.

When on powerful production, Reks terrorises; hopping onto G-Unit heatmaker Sha Money XL’s ‘Face Off’ the intensity of himself and guest feature Termanology creates a mean mugging experience. Whether reflective or going into beastmode, Reks maintains an authenticity and honesty within lyrics, even when strutting on wax. The heavy claps and bass of the Hi-Tek produced ‘The Wonder Years’ makes for one of the more harder mini-bio tracks we often hear whilst ‘The Underdog’ will surely silence any doubters of his MC credentials as he gives a stellar performance.

Chalk another one up for the nostalgic Hip Hop fans; R.E.K.S. is another project which waves the flag for the straight rhyming, head-nodders who stick to the boom bap blueprint of rap. Reks’ performance on his third official album stands up with some of the best works in 2011 so far, as he shatters any illusion that sticking to old formulas of Hip Hop is a tired art form.

Always remaining on top of the consistent quality beats provided, R.E.K.S. celebrates the golden periods of emcees going all out on big beats whilst serving as a reminder to others of the importance solid rhymes play in establishing a great body of work. Even if you don’t know the name Reks, R.E.K.S the album should become familiar throughout the months as its musical attributes should see it become a firm favourite of the underground community for the duration of the year.

Released: Mar 08, 2011
Label: Showoff Records / Brick Records
BUY: iTunes (US)

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