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If there’s one thing the naysayers of ‘Urban Pop’ (and all its spin-offs) can take heart from is that the Hip Hop movements away from the glitz and glamour of the mainstream are still churning out some exceptional material. A rapper whose movements really began to take flight last year was Mentalist, an East London juggernaut who packs a punch both in metaphors and delivery. Assaulting the Internet throughout December with free downloads (as part of his Mentalist Monday campaign) his album finally drops and hopes to make all family, fans and the genre proud.

Emerging from the same camp as 2010 standouts Loudmouth Melvin and Pyro Barz, Mento’s brand of Hip Hop also oozes the same soulful flavour as his counterparts. ‘Mentro’ awakens the album with a morning like optimism as an emotive chorus breaks up Mentalist’s laid back rhymes. The chilled out vibes are temporal however, as he picks up the pace with a confident, abrasive delivery on the sublime ‘Open Season’ produced by Loudmouth.

Make You Proud is a warm, communal project, which addresses every issue with a sense of ‘togetherness’ rather than Mentalist’s own goals. ‘For My People’, ‘Head In The Sky’ and ‘All Rise’ are a clutch of examples where he acts as a spokesperson for a generation of tired, frustrated. misled individuals, with whom he represents with much authority. Playing storyteller/teacher Mentalist delivers hitting bars which steer clear of patronising the listener, also giving a mini biography on his upbringing.

‘Home Away From Home’ really encapsulates the warmth of the nuclear family’s move to a new area and its spirit of reminiscing over childhood burns strong. When donning the straight spitting rapper motif, Mentalist is just as effective. Going ‘Flow For Flow’ with Pyro Barz, Mento switches flows appropriately to keep up with his rhyming partner. Remaining consistent throughout, it’s only when the rapper’s diction becomes somewhat coarse do his lyrics being to skid.

A brilliant score is on hand to assist Mento’s Trini-East London twang, as Loudmouth, K-Nite, Krimson and Goodchild provide amorous, stirring compositions to keep the good vibes present. It’s kept all in the family in some instances as whilst he pays fitting tributes to them across the album (the most besotted track being ‘Make You Proud’) having brothers K-Nite and Skillet on board adds more sentiment to an already emotive album.

For a free download, Make You Proud stands as one of the best releases offered for less than a penny. Mentalist presents a truly feel good experience over 20 tracks which are all enriched with a passion, love and dedication for not only his nearest and dearest but for the genre.

Containing some of the finest production UK Hip Hop has brought forth, Mento educates and entertains effectively. Whilst its excerpts from a number of films/TV shows may be somewhat excessive, nevertheless, Make You Proud is a testament to the great material hidden away from the pomp and frills of MTV labelled ‘Hip Hop’. From this release alone, Mentalist can boldly say that he(alongside his fellow collaborators) stands as one of the best which Hip Hop in this country has to offer.

DOWNLOAD: Mentalist – Make You Proud LP

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