Jay Z and Kanye West Watch The Throne in Miami | Live Review

As if any show that combined two of the most discussed names in Hip Hop could be questioned, there was still a slight twinge of curiosity as to how amazing this one could possibly be. The beaming sun kept the excitement levels up in Florida’s sunny state of Miami and it heated the air of one of the hottest nights to come on November 15. Watch The Throne was the talk of the town as the likes of Will and Jayden Smith, ever so supportive wife Beyonce, Lebron James, Dwayne Wade of Miami Heat (Basketball Team) and many more churned out to witness one of this year’s most anticipated shows.

The staging alone was enough to entertain- block lighting and huge projecting screens with images of fierce barking Rottweilers, and strobe lights that danced entwined with each other creating a further buzz, which surely ricocheted through the chanting crowd. Presenting themselves onto the stage on two huge platforms, Jay-Z and Kanye West proceeded to perform album tracks such as “H.A.M,” “Gotta Have It,” “New Day” and “No Church In The Wild.”

They had the crowd under their command even before the opening track. There was no warm up needed as the crowd exploded with roars at the sight of the two iconic figures. Jay Z; dressed simply black on black, t-shirt, jeans and Yankee cap, and Kanye; in a more unique attire of what seemed to be kilted trousers or leather leggings, printed black tee and jacket, wasted no time in needlessly introducing themselves.

Plunging in, track by track, the chemistry between the two gentleman was absolutely incredible. Bouncing off of each others vibe they went back to back, lyric for lyric maintaining a vibrant accelerated energy throughout the whole show. Jay and Yeezy made a point of taking turns to remind the crowd exactly why they had made it to the Thrones they sat so comfortably upon. Performing tracks pre-Watch The Throne, Jigga regurgitated big hits such as “I Just Wanna Love You,” “Big Pimpin” and the patriotic “Empire State Of Mind” – the Miami residents didn’t mind this at all as they sung along in unison.

Whilst Kanye forced staging directors to turn on “All Of The Lights” performing the track, refusing to continue until this was done, he also spoke on Michael Jackson and his brief experience meeting him before his passing. He went on to explain this was when he had to obtain clearance of the “PYT” sample he used. After a short snippet of this, he proceeded to break into “The Good Life.” This was extremely enjoyable, passion and emotion oozed from every crevasse of the stage. When Ye performed “Touch The Sky” his pleasurable smile beamed more than ever.

Not only performing solo, with past tracks, The guys performed “That’s My Bitch,” “99 Problems,” and a seated “Hard Knock Life” together before heading back into the current album. The packed arena remained engaged from the top, to winding down of the show.

Hit-Boy-produced club banger “N—-s In Paris” was the last track to be belted out. As the crowd couldn’t get enough, not wanting the show to end they roared at the possibility of the guys performing it once more as Jay Z asked simply, “Again?” An so it was done, and again, and again before they finally ran off stage thanking Miami for their excellent participation in making this an amazing night. It was just that. Simply amazing.

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