Genesis Elijah – I Ain’t Even Charging Bruv | EP Review

Not many emcees can pull off the ferocious, aggro-infused flow with conviction like the UK’s Genesis Elijah can. For years his pain and frustration entangled barks have kept many necks cranking furiously in time to his often soulful beats and in 2011, the Brixton poet offers up some free nourishment for the roads.

The humorously entitled I Ain’t Even Charging Bruv is a phrase you would often hear from a street vendor passing off his CD-R of mediocre tracks, however Elijah’s freebie is far from lukewarm.

Genesis Elijah – ‘Mike Lowery’ Freestyle:

I Ain’t Even Charging Bruv is made up four original tracks (and an emphatic ‘Mike Lowery’ freestyle) which fully capture the essence of a G.E. performance; venom ravaged lyrical displays set to a brilliant score. ‘Crazy World’ pens some autobiographical bars which sit lushly over the horn led instrumentals of producer Pastor Dutchie (those born in the ’90s may not get the name reference).

Switching to full-on attack mode, ‘Battle Cry UK’ and ‘The King’s Speech’ are fuelled by the anarchic cries of Genesis Elijah, with much devastation in his punchlines and even his few humorous bars.

Genesis Elijah – ‘The King’s Speech’:

An impressive free download to serve as reminder of one of the UK’s undisputed talents, Genesis Elijah maintains his consistency of serving up lyrical body blows and still staying two steps ahead of the young whippersnappers emerging today.

DOWNLOAD: Genesis Elijah – I Ain’t Even Charging Bruv EP