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New York Hip Hop may currently be missing a big hitter to plaster all over the industry, but on the underground things are more than active. The likes of Mickey Factz, Charles Hamilton and others continue to put their grind in for the Big Apple and have put out some exceptional material. Hailing from Brooklyn, Fresh Daily brings a more unique approach to the often braggish New York rap scene; mixing unique beats with a flow to match. With the release of his Mothership/Land album, can NY’s underground movement remain consistent with this latest addition?

A cross between Outkast’s ATLiens classic and the works of Doom, Fresh Daily’s release is a blend of spaced out funk and pro-black concepts. The synthesised productions and airy reverbs produce haunting, mysterious backdrops which suit FD’s whisper-like vocals.

Produced by Nosaj Thing, “The Next Best” eerie claps and softening keys are on show for Fresh Daily’s tale of the ever-burdening issue of failed relationships. Mothership/Land is littered with soundbites and samples of pro-black/Afrocentric speeches, which do well to break up the album as well as synch well to the tracks which follow.

The rich, jazzed up “Rameses Rhythm” interlude is a funky lead up to “Darling You” – a spaced out love ode which Fresh Daily’s charming lyrics are accompanied with a soothing chorus by Denim.

Although a majority of tracks portray Fresh as a rapper chasing the holy grail of a steady relationship, he still proves to be able to blast out impressionable lyrical displays – evident on “Doing It” and “Good Luck.”

Although the brilliant score for Mothership is the clear highlight, FD still provides some great displays over some of the lush, J-Dilla/Neptunes-esque production credits.

Featuring TreZure The Empress, “Space x Time” again muses over the stresses of women whilst “The Stuy (On My Mind)” brings together a slick verse from FD and a cool beat reminiscent of a summer on the block.

For fans of alternative Hip Hop beats, Mothership/Land is a striking album. It knowingly pays homage to artists who have gone beyond the stagnant formula of the genre and Fresh’s verses reveal an artist whose talents on the mic are as dope as his quirky-urban-bohemian style.

Whilst at times it overstretches the limits of its warped out style (“THANX” and “Feel Me” the guilty tracks) its murky, zoned out approach overall pays off, with musical and insightful interludes adding further interest to the album. A fine product from a future name to be associated with the powerful underground movement in New York.

–Henry Yanney

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