Big K.R.I.T. – ReturnOf4Eva | Album Review

For all the crunk, booty shaking music which emerges from the Dirty South, it is arguably the street poets, storytellers and self-examining performers which leave a lasting impression. Scarface, Outkast, Goodie Mob and T.I. have won the respect of fans from across the US – and the next rapper in their form to emerge is Mississippi’s emerging star Big K.R.I.T.

A 2011 XXL Freshman, K.R.I.T’s sleepy drawl and introspective narrations have made him one of the standout names in the list of Freshers and his previous release (K.R.I.T Wuz Here) garnering numerous downloads. Releasing the street album ReturnOf4Eva, Def Jam’s newest acquisition can maintain the lyrical standards of the South’s greats and prove to his newly attracted fans his capabilities of performing on an album.

Heavily awash with much Blues and Jazz, ReturnOf4Eva is a dreamy experience which perfectly matches Big K.R.I.T’s slow paced delivery. A meditative theme dominates the album, with the 24 year old musing over life’s experiences of ambitions, frustrations and high times. The heavily promoted ‘Dreamin’ is a brilliant trip through the rapper’s ascension through the ranks all set to a hypnotic production, sampling Brother Of Souls ‘Dreams’. ‘American Rapstar’ depicts the nightmare scenario a promising rapper could encounter, this being another track which highlights the mature head which the young Freshman carries.

A slow burning album which oozes rather than bangs, K.R.I.T provides soothing narrations over various subdued productions (which are also handled by K.R.I.T). ‘Lions and Lambs’ is an airy and haunting number and ‘King Blues’ is laced with a lush saxophone, plus an easing Erykah Badu sample plus Big K.R.I.T’s pang and toils filled bars.

Even though the retrospective nature of K.R.I.T is most appealing, his more braggish and club-inspired cuts have an enjoyable bounce to them. ‘Time Machine’ brings onboard double timer Chamillionaire for assistance on the reminiscent track, whereas ‘Rotation’ is dedicated to the simple life of rolling around in his car with his lady.

For a free album, ReturnOf4Eva is strong enough to have been released as a studio album. The depth of soul within Big K.R.I.T’s latest endeavour is filled with the same classic spirit of Outkast’s ATLiens in terms of its atmospheric production and intricate lyrics. K.R.I.T’s solemn, somewhat lonely journey on the album is presented with an honest and refreshing outlook, which is impressive especially for a newly emerging rapper. Arguably no other Freshman will top this record this year, whilst ReturnOf4Eva is also a throwback to the days when albums really showed all the dimensions of a rapper.

Download: Big K.R.I.T. – ReturnOf4Eva

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