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If you’re tired of the pothead leanings of current Hip Hop, London trio Hawk House provide a brilliant alternative of soulful, jazzy Dilla-influenced Hip-Hop Soul that delivers a subtle, straight edge gospel message that both believers and non-believers can vibe to.

Formerly known as A Yellowman, Hawk House consists of two emcees – Sam and Eman – with vocalist Demae; who all equally contribute to form creative compositions that yours ears will definitely accept. Since their formation they have been gradually but meticulously showcasing their incredible talent and lyrical skills, with impressive tunes including “My Lyrics Are Alive” and “3000 Miles of Youth.”


Under their new name, their latest mixtape A Little Bit More Elbow Room continues the trio’s trend of making producers proud with their understanding of filling the pockets to perfection; recently doing great justice on established producers’ beats, including HW&W‘s Evil Needle and Ta-ku.

Hawk House’s magic often lays in the lyrics – as with the mixtape’s standout tune, the Evil Needle produced “Tidal Tendencies”; “if you ain’t giving food for thought you’re just supporting famine.” Full of savvy social commentary tracks and tracks that spread positive messages to promote positive action, A Little Bit More Elbow Room takes listeners on relaxing, mind-tingling journey.

There hasn’t been a great Hip-Hop Soul trio since The Fugees and with nostalgia taking over all forms of music at the moment, there is certainly a market for Hawk House to emerge.

DOWNLOAD: Hawk House – A Little Bit More Elbow Room Mixtape

Hawk House online: @HaawkHouse / Facebook / YouTube

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