VIDEOS: MOS DEF live at The Beach, Governors Island NYC (Sept 12th)

We hopped on the ferry to Governors Island (NYC) on Saturday night, a bit late for a concert billed to start at 9.30pm. Arriving at around 10.30 we hadn’t miss much; Jay Electronica was on stage announcing: “I don’t care who you think is dope – Cudi, Drake, whoever – I eat their asses alive. Except Mos.”

As an important afterthought he later added the missing “pause” and was joined onstage by Just Blaze for several tracks. Fun vibes, jokes and silliness galore – a bit much for some of the onlookers around us who just wanted him to get on with the music and talk less.

An unexpected two hour gap later and soon after midnight [the mighty] Mos Def hit the stage. The crowd was way more patient than London Hip Hop crowds – shit would have been thrown [along with random punches] by then back home. But it was worth the wait as he took to the drums, dipping straight into material from The Ecstatic.

Anyone on the fence about that album would have been converted that night. A humble but enthusiastic performer who’s clearly point blank in love with music, Mos Def is pretty much what Hip Hop should be. And I’m not just being a stan saying that.

Videos from the night after the jump.