Trey Songz on the evolution of R&B-Rap |

Chris Brown‘s doing it, Brandy‘s doing it, even Mary J Blige is doing it. If the ’90s was the era of Hip Hop-Soul, we now appear to be in the age of R&B-Rap. With his impending double mixtape release – LemmeHolDatBeat 2 and Anticipation 2 – on the way in November showcasing both his emcee and slowjam skills, SoulCulture TV [subscribe!] recently sat down with R&B heartthrob Trey Songz at Atlantic Records’ London HQ for a chat about his skills on the mic, the evolution of R&B-Rap and today’s genre-merging trends.

“I don’t think no singer can rap better than me,” he states, boldly adding, “I think I rap better than most rappers.”

“Rapping is just fun for me… It’s a creative expression and it’s easy, it flows – it’s not something I’m trying to do, it’s not something I’m putting out for sales; it’s just to show how much I love it,” he expands on his passion for both emceeing and singing, hailing Lauryn Hill as “the best who ever did it” when blending both.

Speaking on the eclectic directions many artists are exploring he comments, “With R&B and any other form of music, everything is falling in together in the mixing pot.. Where music is going right now – you got rappers singing, you got singers rapping, you got rappers playing the guitar and the drums – like B.o.B, how great was that Grammy performance where he’s on the guitar and Bruno [Mars] is on the drums? Music’s going to a place that’s phenomenal… I think the synergy between all genres is crazy.”

Filmed & Edited by @Versetti
Photography by Neil Raja Studios

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