Teddy Riley: “50 Cent was Michael Jackson’s choice” for ‘Monster’ | SoulCulture TV

“It was Michael’s choice, he wrote on a piece of paper…” seminal R&B producer, musician and singer Teddy Riley tells SoulCulture TV, explaining how 50 Cent‘s guest feature on Michael Jackson‘s posthumous single, ‘Monster,’ came about [from new album, Michael].

Keen to work with the rapper after meeting him, MJ left a paper trail detailing where he would like 50 Cent to feature whilst writing new material, Riley says. “You’ll see all his writing, his notes, scraps, we put it on the album. He wrote down, ’50 Cent will be on this part..’ – this is all written out, we wanted to follow his plan.

“They didn’t talk about the album, they didn’t talk about ‘Monster’… but when Michael was writing ‘Monster‘ he had written 50’s name on a piece of paper… And we just got all that paperwork and all the stuff he’s been writing on it, and got it to the record company.”

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