Statik Selektah On Guru Situation: “It’s Bigger Than Solar…” (Video)

Interviewing the Hip Hop duo back in 2007, Guru described his work with Solar as “probably the ultimate in producer/artist relationships….one of the most dynamic duos of all time”, and has since continued to champion their work together. “Just as I discovered [DJ Premier] and his talents, I discovered the brilliance and talents of super-producer Solar and actually those principles of Gang Starr – street knowledge, intellect, spirituality – those have been brought with us into 7 Grand and actually have been taken to a higher level.”

Reportedly recovering in hospital this week from a heart attack last weekend, Gang Starr co-founder Guru‘s health is currently the subject of widespread speculation.

Producer/DJ Statik Selektah [pictured above] spoke to SoulCulture shortly before his gig with Saigon in London at Madame JoJo’s on Thursday, 4th March 2010. During the interview, the subject of Guru’s current health issue arose – something Selektah has already been vocal about on Twitter earlier this week (“Its really unfortunate that Guru had to go through this for the world to see what a thirstbucket Solar is. Ive known it since 04.” – @StatikSelekt, 9:38 PM Mar 3rd). Selektah makes his feelings known on the situation – particularly regarding Solar’s role.

“I don’t know personally why he’s sick and why he’s in the hospital. Me and Guru go back to 2001. He came to my birthday party… I’ve known him for a long time, I’ve DJ’d for him a couple of times. I’ve seen… Everybody’s talking about the dude Solar, I’ve met him a bunch of times and he’s in his own world, he’s got his own agenda… It’s obvious. I’m not even being insulting, when you talk to him he’s on his own agenda, he’s in his own planet, he can be real disrespectful. I think the way he’s handling this whole situation, at least the details that the public have – and that he’s publically said – is real disrespectful. I’m sure it’s even extremely more disrespectful if I really knew what was going on.”  –Statik Selektah

On Wednesday, ‘Guru’ released a statement through [click to read full statement] claiming to be ‘fine’ and ‘recovering’, along with the following information: “Guru and his family are asking for privacy as he recovers and stressed for fans to continue to send prayers, thoughts and love. His partner Solar echoed Guru’s comments about the need for privacy but told fans the outlook is positive for the rapper. Additionally, only Solar will have access to Guru and accurate information regarding the status of his health.”

There have since been allegations from Guru’s friends and family that they have been prevented from visiting Guru in hospital by Solar. One such claim was made on Wednesday in YouTube video by Guru’s nephew, Justin Nicholas-Elam Ruff – click to watch – specifically calling out Solar for not notifying Guru’s family for two weeks that he was in hospital, and cutting off his family from the situation, retaining “complete control” on information about Guru’s condition.

Solar responded to these claims today, officially stating: “I have nothing but the deepest love and respect for The Elam family. But I have not stopped anybody from seeing him… Guru’s brother, sister and niece has visited with him and his brother was here for three days. I am in touch with them on a daily basis… The hospital records will show that Guru’s Brother, sister and Niece visited him last week, Fact! Guru’s well-being and need to heal is what I am concerned with, and that Guru’s wishes in this matter be observed.” [AllHipHop]

“It’s bigger than Solar. That’s the thing,” Selektah says. “Premo said those words to me, ‘It’s bigger than Solar’.” According to Statik, DJ Premier and Gang Starr affiliates are ‘upset’ they can’t visit Guru in hospital despite having worked so closely with him and known him personally for years.

“I think a lot of people feel like Guru could be their uncle the way they grew up off GangStarr,” Selektah comments.  Anger, confusion and concern is being expressed all over the internet by Hip Hop fans, collaborators and Guru’s peers at the reported lack of access to Guru in his condition – it has so far believed that Solar is the only person currently able to see or speak with Guru in hospital.

“People are mad, and I am too. I hope Guru wakes up and someone has an explanation. Because this other guy, ‘super producer’ who’s never produced a good beat, he ain’t gonna be accepted.”

–Marsha Gosho Oakes

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