Asher Roth: “Either love me or leave me alone” (Video)

asher_roth Out of the summer ’09 archives… Asher Roth explains his philosophy on dealing with critics and why he doesn’t read about himself online. Given the spread of unfounded rumours published about him last week all over the internet, his mindset on handling criticism seems as relevant as ever.

On reading about himself: “I’m a human being, so if they say some hurtful things – it hurts. You’re just like, ‘Damn, I feel like shit right now.’ So there’s nothing really good can come from it unless you have a really, really good perspective on things – so for me, I just stay away from it.”


“Can I be 100% honest? Earlier in my career I definitely paid attention to that stuff, but I don’t pay any attention. It’s so funny because I do all these interviews and these tapings and everything… I never see them. Never see them.”

“When it comes to music, when it comes to art, when it comes to expressing myself, I just don’t see how I can pay any attention to anyone else’s opinion on it. There’s certain opinions from the people in my circle that are more than enough – for instance my father: straight-forward Stanford graduate. When I was rapping about titties and blunts, he’s the first to tell me, ‘You need to grow the fuck up’. I don’t need some dude from the New York Post telling me, ‘Grow up’.

“I didn’t surround myself with a bunch of ‘yes men’ so in my life, my surrounding cast and myself have a good grasp on how I want this thing to shape up – so I don’t pay any mind to the critics…”

Asher Roth interviewed by Marsha Gosho Oakes, filmed by