Ski Beatz: “I definitely wanna do a song with J. Cole” (Video) | SoulCulture.TV

“I definitely wanna do a song with J. Cole…” legendary Hip Hop producer Ski Beatz told SoulCulture.TV in this snippet from our interviewin New York during CMJ week, admiring the Roc Nation signed rapper and producer hailing from their shared hometown of North Carolina.

“He can rap. That’s that NC shit – that’s what we do – we rap and produce ourselves,” he comments, having also originally began his musical journey rapping before production took priority.

“If I ever hook up with him it’s gonna be serious, I know. It’s gonna be good, it’s gonna be Hip Hop. It’s gonna be some shit that people are gonna love.”

Ski also spoke on his relationships with Damon Dash and Jay-Z who, having co-founded Roc-A-Fella Records together in ’96, now run completely separate musical movements in 2010 [DD172 and Roc Nation respectively].

“Jay’s my friend, Dame’s my friend,” Ski Beatz says. “If I could do a record with J. Cole and Jay say, ‘Yeah cool, do it,’ and Dame’s like ‘I don’t give a fuck,’ then we’re gonna do it. Or if I can do it and Jay’s like, ‘No, I don’t want it over there but we want that record,’ then yeah, I’ma do the record and then give it to him.”

–Interview by Marsha Gosho Oakes, Filmed & Edited by Versetti for SoulCulture.TV

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