Kevin Liles Says Trey Songz’ BET Tribute Was Prince Approved | SoulCulture TV

SoulCulture TV caught up with former Executive Vice President of Warner Music Group Kevin Liles in Paris last week.

In the first snippet of our interview, the former President of Def Jam – and Trey Songz’ current manager – talks about how Trey Songz‘ mini tribute to Prince at the BET Awards came about, in which “Yo Side Of The Bed” morphed into “Purple Rain” in the artist’s honour.

“The song was inspired by Prince,” he reveals, “so it’s funny that on the actual show were doing a tribute to Prince but Trey, because he was already performing, wasn’t a part of the tribute – but we put him right before the tribute.”

“Nobody knew but Prince – ’cause everything has to approved by Prince –  so nobody knew what Trey would do but we thought it would be a great way to pay homage to him. Never trying to sound like Prince but knowing how “Purple Rain” affected all our lives and anybody who’s in R&B, rock n roll, that record meant so much – so Trey actually did a little version of it in the middle of the show.”

“Nothing happens without Prince approving who performs what, how they perform it and the whole thing…”

Cutaways of Prince’s hard-to-read facial responses to Trey’s tribute left many speculating whether he enjoyed it or not. Did Liles himself receive any feedback from The Purple One?

“I haven’t spoke to him about it but I got the nod. A Prince nod – you know what that is…”

For those who missed it, here’s Trey Songz’ performance of “Yo Side Of The Bed/Purple Rain” at the 10th Annual BET Awards…

Pictured [top] with French rapper Joeystarr, co-founder of NTM, Kevin Liles was in the French Capital to officially announce the French edition of his DefJam Rapstar video game launching in a few months time.

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