Kano responds to Jay-Z’s praise & speaks on UK artists’ integrity (Video)

Whilst in London town last week, iconic emcee and idolised Hip Hop mogul Jay-Z highlighted East London’s Kano as his standout UK lyricist during an interview with BBC 1Xtra Hop Hop DJ, Semtex.

Jay-Z exhibits a fair bit of knowledge about Kano in the interview; noting that the Method To The Maadness emcee had won the BET award for Best UK Hip Hop Act [in 2007] and revealing that he’d recently been impressed by the UK emcee’s performance with the Gorillaz at Madison Square Garden, during the group’s recent US tour to promote Plastic Beach [on which Kano featured alongside Bashy on popular album highlight, “White Flag”].

SoulCulture.TV caught up with Kano the day after Jay-Z’s BBC shout-out to explore his thoughts on the compliment (noting, “There’s one thing someone knowing you and there’s one thing someone liking you”) and why he may have caught Jigga’s ear. He also talks about meeting Hov several years ago and their mutual views on retaining UK artistic integrity.

“He was saying all the same things I’ve been saying for a long time,” Kano says of his conversations with Jay-Z about music.

“It’s not about us from the UK – or me – trying to do something that will appeal, [or] that I think will appeal, to Americans or try to be American… Just do you. He’s like, ‘We have that already’.

He continues, “I’ve just been in America for five weeks.. I know what they got. They’ve got their own music, they don’t wanna come and hear me doing no crunk… No, come with what you’re about.

“So that’s what I’ve tried to do throughout my whole career. Just do me.”

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