Janelle Monae: The Archandroid Public Service Announcement | SoulCulture TV

Speaking to SoulCulture.TV yesterday in London, Janelle Monae gives the lowdown on her latest album / ‘e-motion picture’ The Arch Android – designed to evoke “emotions you didn’t think existed in your body”.

Geek alert: She also reveals that the crown worn in the artwork was created by special effects designer and artist Jesse J. Clarkson, who designed The Dark Knight and Iron Man movies costumes.

The Arch Android is out on May 18th (US) / July 12th (UK) and Janelle Monae will be touring with Erykah Badu on the Lilith Fair Tour this summer – click for dates.

Interview by Marsha Gosho Oakes, Filmed & Edited by RizeOfTheRobotz.

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