J. Cole talks Giving Back To The Community | SoulCulture.TV x Orange Rockcorps

Having taken the UK stage by storm in January whilst touring with Drake, Roc Nation signed rapper and rising star J. Cole sat down with SoulCulture in association with Orange Rockcorps to discuss the importance of giving back to the community and his ambitions to launch community-based musical support structures for disadvantaged youth.

“We used to sit around and have conversations about what we would do when we got money,” he recalls from his days on the come up. “The community centres we would build, the programs we would have and the things we would offer – even before I got on this was on my mind and still is, of course.”

“It’s important to me because I know what it is to not have those things,” he explains. “Luckily I had a mother who was smart enough to push me in the right direction… but I don’t remember structures, organisations that were there to help…”

“I would love to create a structured place for kids with low-income families, abusive families, single-parent [households]… whatever. People with not as much opportunity to come and have the opportunity to make music.”

Cole also highlights Alicia Keys, John Legend and Oprah as examples of entertainers he respects for their extensive charitable efforts, “because they do it so much, it’s genuine – you can tell,” and critiques less sincere celebrity ulterior motives; “sometimes you can tell such and such gave X amount of money… and it’s like, is that a tax write-off or did you really care?”

RockCorps is a pro-social production company. RockCorps uses the power of music to inspire people to volunteer and Give to their community. Over 45,000 volunteers have attended more than 20 live events and an audience of millions has heard the message: Give, Get Given.

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