Estelle on ‘Break My Heart’, Rick Ross & his Maybach Music movement | SoulCulture.TV

Estelle talks to SoulCulture.TV about the emotions and real experience driving the lyrics of her latest single, “Break My Heart,” which features Rick Ross from her new album All Of Me, and her thoughts on his ‘aspirational’ Maybach Music movement – watch below.

“When I say ‘Break My Heart, you want me to trust you how can I trust you I don’t know the first thing about that’ – I said that to my ex… and he had to prove himself, he had to really prove that he was about me for 2.5 seconds and that he wanted to be with me,” Estelle explains. “People always tweet me ‘thank you for saying that’ and I realised that people don’t have the balls to say it; people don’t have the clarity to say stuff like that to people that they should say it to… We’re too polite. We don’t wanna ask questions that are hard..”

Her admiration for the Maybach Music capo is clear: “I think his hustle is non-stop. I think he’s been at the bottom of the pile, I think he’s been attacked and he’s still here,” she says. “That to me is a star. That to me is somebody who will not give up because they’ve seen what it looks like when it’s not it.

“His Maybach Music movement? I love it,” she adds. “It’s just so aspirational… I saw the kids singing and rapping along to his records [at his London show] and it’s like a whole new generation of people that just want to be good, want to be better, want to be that – it – so bad… I can’t even fault him, I don’t blame him. Do it. I love that guy. I’m so happy he even blessed my record…”

The official video for ‘Break My Heart’ premieres tonight between 6-8pm EST on 106 & Park.

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