ConversationsWithBlu: Blu vs GODLeeBarnes (Video)

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When Blu and Ta’Raach came to London in 2008, SoulCulture swung by Blu’s hotel room to record this conversation piece in which Blu responds to those who want another BelowTheHeavens from him, explains a little about his production alter-ego GODLeeBarnes, and discusses the current climate for releasing music.

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The GODLeeBarnes LP (track list + download here) is available as a single mp3 mix.  Sadl, it seems that a high quality version may never be made available as Blu announced on Twitter today, “Mix: HiQVersionIsAMyth, ILostTheFilesToAllTheseSongsTwoYearsAgo, HDCrashed.. ThatsWhyINeverReleasedIt, TheseAreAllCompiledRuffMixesBroski”

Blu online: @HerFavColor / MySpace

Ta’Raach online: @RaachBox / MySpace

–Blu and Ta’Raach interviewed by Roger Ajogbe and Marsha Gosho Oakes.
Photography by Tamar Nussbacher.

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