Chipmunk on new ‘Transition’ LP, “Champion” w/ Chris Brown, record deals x hate | SCTV

“Proud of my first album? How would I not be proud? People forget that prior to my first album, when I did ‘Chip Diddy Chip’ I weren’t on no record label and it charted at number 21.

“At the time there was people that were on record labels, that had the major budget and had the major push, that couldn’t see the Top 100, let alone 40,” UK rapper Chipmunk tells SoulCulture, seated on the comfy couches of his press office as he takes a break from playing Def Jam Rapstar [which features his song, “Chip Diddy Chip”, don’t you know].

Reeling off his achievements to date, the rapper concludes, “I’ve had an amazing time. I had to step out of the music scene for a while – hence why I’ve had such a quiet year – and just look and be thankful and appreciate and just find that happiness and why I started music in the first place again before I went into this second album.

“This second album that they’re gonna get, I promise it’s gonna be something ’cause I’m putting everything into it – everything.”

He goes on to explain how he came to work with Chris Brown on recently leaked collaboration “Champion” from Chipmunk’s forthcoming album, Transition – which also features production by UK producers Harmony, Parker and Dready [formerly of So Solid, currently crafting beats for the likes of Busta Rhymes and Dr. Dre].

Chipmunk also addresses ‘bitter’ peers, the frequently flung accusations that he “went pop” with his debut album and lost some of the lyrical edge felt in his earlier work – and the benefits of working with major record labels.

“I will straight away, thumbs up, say that in terms of the success a lot of the stuff has been pop-related – then.,” he says. “It’s a new day now, things are about to change. Like I said, that was a point that had to be proved then…”

“I would never sit here and name names of people that tried to make pop songs and it didn’t work – because there was plenty, if we’re honest. People that tried, almost clicked it, but when it didn’t work it left them in no-man’s land.

“I feel that a lot of the artists that are a bit older than me and opened doors for me might feel a bit hard done by knowing that they tried; they did try. Me being a person that studies things before I go through it, you see where other people hypothetically speaking went wrong so you don’t make the same mistakes.

“Each year I feel there’s gonna be someone that comes through and does better than the person the year before, because that’s how the game work. Tinchy [Stryder] kicked the door open Dizzee [Rascal] kicked the door open, everyone’s kicking doors open for the next person to come through and either prove the same point or do things a bit better – it depends how the industry take to us coming through.”

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