Me & Mom Dukes, NYC, December 2012

Music My Medicine, Yoga My Therapy #OKNotToBeOK

Mental health issues were never unusual to me. In fact, they were pretty normal and still are. When I was seven or eight my cousin attempted suicide and I walked in on her crushing pills into the bathroom carpet. I didn’t know exactly what was happening but I alerted my parents by saying she was "crushing chalk." I never saw my laid-back dad move out of that bed and into the bathroom quicker in my life. Read more

50 Cent & Deepak Chopra star in new Street King commercial [Video]

Continuing to spread the word of his much respected Street King Energy drink venture, the beverage that was set up with the help of the United Nation’s World Food Program to help feed impoverished people in Africa and many others around the world, Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson has now unleashed the SK campaign's latest comedic commercial starring himself and world renowned writer/public speaker/doctor Deepak Chopra. Peep the commercial below...
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