Behind The Music: Ludacris opens up on career challenges + family alcoholism [Full Episode]


In the latest episode of VH1's Behind The Music, three-time Grammy Award-winning rapper and actor Ludacris discusses the personal story behind his musical career path.

From laying the groundwork as Atlanta radio DJ 'Chris Lova Lova' to being inspired to rap by LL Cool J and eventually linking with the likes of Timbaland for his underground hit "Phat Rabbit," watch as Luda revisits his road to the mainstream charts with "What's Your Fantasy" and "Southern Hospitality," from his multi-platinum major label debut Back for the First Time (2000), and beyond. Read more

50 Cent: VH1 Behind The Music | TV Catch-Up

50 ceng
For the latest episode of VH1's Behind The Music, the spotlight shifts to Queens hailing rap superstar 50 Cent and gives us a deeper look at the man behind the mogul.

Synopsis: Curtis Jackson III, aka 50 Cent, grew up on the violent and drug infested streets of Jamaica, Queens.
His mother was murdered when he was 8, and by the time he was a teenager, he was following in her footsteps, dealing crack to make ends meet. Several arrests led to hard time in a "shock incarceration" boot camp. Headed down the wrong road, 50 Cent gave up the hustle and chased a new dream: to become a hip hop star. But his road to superstardom wouldn't be easy.
With gritty street rhymes, 50 attacked the industry and his bad boy reputation grew as fast as his list of enemies. A public feud with fellow Queens' rapper Ja Rule led to a brawl and 50 got stabbed. Then, in May 2000, nine bullets nearly ended 50 Cent's life. Facing his moment of truth, 50 persevered thru intense physical pain, emotional self doubt and came back to the game even stronger.
Teaming up with Dr Dre and Eminem, his first two albums, Get Rich or Die Trying and The Massacre, were hugely successful. 50 Cent parlayed his street hustle instincts into an empire, forming the G Unit business enterprise and inking a lucrative deal with Vitamin Water that reportedly earned him over 100 million dollars. Always a target, 50's street cred was attacked as he engaged in feuds with everyone from Fat Joe to his protégé, The Game. The beefs only fuel 50's drive. Older and wiser, he hasn't lost the edge he honed on the streets of New York as he continues his relentless quest for success.

The Notorious B.I.G.: Behind the Music | TV Catch-Up

Following a 12-minute preview which surfaced online earlier this week, VH1's newest Behind the Music episode, focusing on the legendary Biggie Smalls, aired last night. The documentary, which is a "remastered" version of the original 2001 profile, follows the childhood, the early hustle on the streets, the rise to fame and the events which surrounded the untimely death of Christopher Wallace, but also adds input from retired LAPD detective Greg Kading, who claims to know exactly who killed the rapper on that fateful evening on March 9th, 1997, and who arranged the murder.Read more

Behind The Music: Game | TV Catch-Up

In the latest instalment of VH1's Behind The Music series, L.A. rapper Game opens up and gives us candid insight into his story so far. Read more

Ice Cube: Behind The Music [Video] | TV Catch Up

West coast legend Ice Cube was under the spotlight for the most recent episode of VH1's Behind The Music. The rapper, actor, screenwriter and producer speaks on a variety of subjects from his upbringing in South Central shaping his outlook on life and his beginnings in music in prolific rap group NWA, to his solo career in music and film, and his most important roles being a husband and a father.

We hear from those who worked with him, such as director John Singleton when writing the screenplay for Poetic Justice and his children who regard him as the best person to raise them coming from the projects to building his empire among others.

Watch the full episode below.

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Fantasia Barrino On VH1's Behind The Music | Watch

Fantasia Barrino is the latest star to take the audience Behind The Music. In this emotional episode the vocal powerhouse spoke candidly about her turbulent life, including her American Idol success, being a young mother, going almost-bankrupt, getting her high-school diploma and her suicide attempt earlier this month.

Fantasia's forthcoming album, Back To Me, is out now.

Usher Talks Chilli, Tameka, Diddy & His Mother | Behind The Music

*Hands in late pass* In this must-see episode of VH1's Behind The Music, Usher talks about being mentored by Diddy and being exposed to 'sex orgies and drugs' at 15, his turbulent relationship with his mother, cheating on Chilli and his marriage with ex-wife Tameka Foster.

Jennifer Hudson Talks Love, Tragedy, Triumph & Music | VH1 Behind The Music

Jennifer Hudson is the latest star to go Behind The Music with VH1. The vocal powerhouse speaks candidly about her rise to fame, career success, her harrowing family tragedy in which she lost her mother, brother and young nephew and how love, motherhood and music has helped her move forward.

Eve On Her Depression, Stripping And Aftermath | VH1 Behind The Music

VH1's Behind The Music series continues...
After the emotional DMX documentary they bring us this indepth feature on Eve.
Eve talks about dealing with depression, her relationship with her father, her years as a stripper, origins in music, her deal with Aftermath and more.
this was very eye opening, I really respect how Eve dealt with all these issues in such an honest manner during the interviews.

Watch it and let us know your thoughts.