Live Review: Mama's Gun @ Jazz Cafe, London (May 18th)

Last Tuesday saw funk-fusion outfit Mamas Gun return to the Jazz Café after their sold out show in February. They certainly commanded a sizeable crowd for a mid-week gig, suggesting that the band have succeeded in establishing themselves as a premier live act not to be missed. Early wake-up call for work- be damned!

Support came in the form of French artist Tété, whose doleful vocals-replete with heart-tugging yodel-floated over a sweet and soulful acoustic set. But it wasn’t a saccharine affair; Tété’s brand of bluesy-folk has enough edge to keep the audience sufficiently engaged. A lengthy pause followed the opening artist before frontman Andy Platts and the gang mounted... no, not mounted, more like exploded- onto stage with stand-out track ‘Wishing’ (from album Routes to Riches), its chugging bassline reverberating through the thoracic cavity as if urging our internal organs to groove along as well. Read more

VIDEO: 'Fireflies' cover by MAMA's GUN

Are you ready for star time? Rising stars Mama's Gun give Owl City's psychedelic pop tune 'Fireflies' the James Brown treatment for a Dutch radio station. Andy and the gang prove once again that they are bunch of funky Mo-Fos. Mama's got a brand new bag indeed.

‘Pop’ Is Not A Dirty Word: Mama’s Gun Interview

There are few people who have such an infectious enthusiasm for music that it can make you appreciate the entity anew.  Andy Platts, front man and principal songwriter for UK fusion outfit Mama’s Gun, is one such individual. Amongst the artists who merely make music and those who live and breathe it, Platts seems to fall into the latter category.

Whether talking about his many inspirations both renowned and obscure or ruminating on how technological advancement, producers prioritising beats over melody and the proliferation of TV talent shows have led to a decline in modern music standards- speaking to Platts it becomes apparent that he’s a muso’s muso.  This devotion and intrinsic musicality is prominent throughout Mama’s Gun’s highly impressive debut album Routes to Riches.  One of the band’s first singles ‘You Are the Music’ could easily refer to Andy himself; it’s clearly in his DNA. Read more

Album Review: Mama's Gun - Routes To Riches

If one record appropriately heralds the long-awaited advent of Spring it’s Routes To Riches (Deluxe Edition), the feel-good debut by UK outfit Mama’s Gun.  Still, it’s not hard to envision the album ruffling some feathers if it gets the recognition it deserves - their style of funk with an unabashed pop-edge is bound to spark some debate amongst listeners, the likely crux of which being whether their sound is ‘watered down’ and gazing too longingly at commercial success. Heck, the album title hardly refutes this assumption.  But as mainstream soul acts such as The Brand New Heavies, Jamiroquai and Incognito proved in the 1990s, ain’t nothing wrong with a bit of pop-fusion if you know what you are doing... and Mama’s Gun prove that they do. Read more