The 10 Best Films Of The Decade

I was going to begin the following list quite simply by saying that Cinema is dead. However, the declaration of the death of any art form, and/or its generic constituents, has become such a redundant exercise in the past ten years that the assertion might not be worth the effort.

So given that Cinema might indeed be so long dead that its funeral came and went perhaps even before I was born; I present you with ten exceptionally rare occasions in which, for an average time of about one hundred and twenty minutes per incident, Cinema came thrusting back to life again in all its previous glory. Enjoy. Read more

30 Seconds To Mars - "Hurricane" ft. Kanye West (Full Song)

kanye west 30 seconds to marsBrand new song from the American rock band 30 Seconds To Mars (fronted by actor Jared Leto who you may recognise from movies such as Lord Of War, Fight Club, Girl, Interrupted, Panic Room, American Psycho, Requiem for a Dreams and more) taken from their upcoming album This Is War.

Produced by and featuring Kanye West who revealed their collaboration on his blog a few months ago. The 30 second snippet of this track has been kicking around on the interwebs for a while but here is the full track...

30 Seconds To Mars ft. Kanye West - "Hurricane"
[audio: Hurricane feat. Kanye West.mp3]


Sidenote: I first heard of 30 Seconds To Mars two years ago when they covered Kanye West's Stronger for Radio 1's Live Lounge; a very suprisingly dope take on the Kanye West track:

30 Second To Mars - "Stronger" (Kanye West cover)
[audio: Seconds to Mars - Stronger (cover).mp3]