Mystikal interviewed by Kool A.D. of Das Racist [Video]

Hopefully you'll remember Noisey's unique new hip-hop chat show, Rap Show (if not, make your greetings here). Following the first episode which saw Das Racist's Heems sit down for a chat with Kendrick Lamar, it's his counterpart Kool A.D. who's playing host this time, with the now jail-bound Mystikal.Read more

Kendrick Lamar interviewed by Heems of Das Racist [Video]

For the uninitiated, Das Racist are pretty funny guys. The quasi-genius rap trio from Queens, comprised of Heems, Kool A.D. and hypeman-slash-lunatic Dap, were deemed funny enough by the people over at Noisey (which is in turn run by the people over at VICE) to be granted their own rap show, which is, fittingly enough, called Rap Show.Read more