Oprah Winfrey donates $12 million to Smithsonian museum of African American History

oprahEven though she’s busy with the duties that come along with running a television network, Oprah Winfrey always makes time to be a philanthropist.

In her latest giving move, the media mogul is donating $12 million to the Smithsonian’s planned National Museum of African American History and Culture. Read more

DMX wants 'Iyanla: Fix My Life' footage removed from OWN network

Last week, DMX appeared in an emotional and slightly harrowing interview with Iyanla Vanzant for the season two premiere of her Iyanla: Fix My Life series, in which he spoke about a number of troubling subjects in his life, including his constant battle with drugs, his failed relationships and his children.

However, Dark Man X isn't happy with the way he was portrayed on the episode and claims that the interview was supposed to have been centred around his addiction to women - not drugs - with a hope that he would eventually be able to re-build his relationship with his children.

A statement released earlier this week by the rapper's representatives, said: "DMX agreed to be a guest on Iyanla: Fix My Life with the understanding that she would be helping his relationships with his 10 children. When he arrived for the taping, most of the content was focused on his struggles with drugs and poor parenting. Iyanla did not ‘fix’ DMX’s life, just made his image worse, and does not have DMX’s personal written consent to use the footage."

Apparently questions about DMX's drug use had not been cleared before the show was filmed and now he wants the entire footage from the show pulled from Oprah's OWN network and is seeking legal action. The Ruff Ryders rapper has also told TMZ that he believes Iyanla set him up to look bad in order to boost ratings, adding: "That lady is toxic ... My last words to her were that she can suck my dick and she still can."

DMX is currently working on a new album with fellow Ruff Ryders member and super producer, Swizz Beatz. He is hoping to get either Dr Dre or Kanye West involved in the project too.

If you missed DMX's interview with Iyanla, catch up here.

Jamie Foxx on 'Oprah's Next Chapter' (Pt.1) | TV Catch-Up

Shortly before hosting Saturday Night Live for the second time, actor, stand-up comedian and singer Jamie Foxx sat down with Oprah Winfrey in NYC for the latest episode of Oprah's Next Chapter.

The first part of the episode sees the Django Unchained actor give one of his most intimate and revealing interviews yet, as he discusses near enough every aspect of his life, from the grandmother who raised him, to his first love (music), to being told his acting "stinked" by Oliver Stone.

Later on Jamie talks about his bachelor status, and says he feels he's not "built for marriage". Explaining this somewhat depressing statement, he says he'd been put off by the unhappy experience of friends and family, not to mention his own "catastrophic" memory of heartbreak as a young man.

Towards the end, Jamie's 18 year-old daughter Corinne joins him and Jamie plays some piano for his host at Soho House. Part Two, which will feature Corinne more extensively, airs in the U.S on the 23rd December.

Check out Part One for yourself below:

Awkward: Oprah promotes Microsoft Surface tablet with tweet from rival iPad

What was likely intended as a simple recommendation by Oprah Winfrey of Microsoft’s Surface tablet ended up giving Apple some free publicity after people noticed that her tweet of praise for the Surface was in fact sent from one of its main competitors, the iPad. Read more

T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle Season 2 Episode 5 'Windy City Hustle' | TV Catch-Up

Welcome to the episode 5 of the second season in VH1's reality TV show series T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle.
The popular series follows the ups and downs in the lives of rapper T.I. aka "The King of the South", his wife Tameka "Tiny" Harris and their six kids in Atlanta. Press play after the jumpRead more

Usher to discuss marriage, custody battle and more for first time on 'Oprah's Next Chapter' [Video]

Nobody gets all up in stars' business like Oprah Winfrey, and the media maven will continue her killer streak of stellar interviewing with the next installment of her revealing OWN series Oprah's Next Chapter, on which R&B superstar Usher will publicly discuss his bitter custody battle for the first time. Read more

Jennifer Hudson to appear on 'Oprah's Next Chapter' | TV News

Oscar-winning actress and Grammy-winning singer Jennifer Hudson is easily one of the most decorated figures in Hollywood, but with those accolades have come an immense amount of pain stemming from the horrific 2008 slaying of several family members including her mother, brother and young nephew.

While she's been relatively mum on the subject and how she's been affected by it, Hudson sat down with Oprah Winfrey to discuss the tragedy and a number of other topics including her wedding, motherhood and more for an upcoming episode of Oprah's Next Chapter. Read more

Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas on 'Oprah's Next Chapter' | TV Catch-Up

Gabby Douglas was the talk of the Olympic world after becoming the first gymnast to ever take home gold medals in both the individual and team competitions, but also became the talk of the blogosphere when chatter about her in-competition hairstyles began to trump her accomplishments in many observers' minds. While many have come to her defense and pointed out the pettiness in those criticisms, the Olympic hero herself hadn't come out and fully addressed the topic -- until now.

During her sit-down with Oprah Winfrey on the OWN network's Oprah's Next Chapter, Douglas and her mother opened up about the criticism as well a number of other topics including the racism and other challenges Gabby often faced while chasing her dream of Olympic glory.

Check out the eye-opening interview below. Read more

Rihanna on 'Oprah's Next Chapter' | TV Catch-Up

The latest episode of Oprah's Next Chapter is a meeting of pop culture royalty, as Bajan R&B princess Rihanna sits down with the Queen of All Media for an ultra-candid discussion on several topics, most notably the singer's 2009 domestic violence incident with then-boyfriend and fellow superstar Chris Brown. Read more

Rihanna opens up about Chris Brown on Oprah's Next Chapter | Sneak Peek

As we saw earlier this month, U.S. media mogul Oprah Winfrey visited pop star Rihanna in her native Barbados to film the latest segment in her primetime television series, Oprah's Next Chapter. After being treated to one preview of the episode last week, in which we saw some emotional, yet heartwarming, scenes, here we get a look at the second teaser, where RiRi opens up about her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, who brutally assaulted her in 2009.Read more

'Oprah's Next Chapter: Rihanna' | Sneak Peek

Following the recent snapshots taken from the interview, Oprah Winfrey gives us yet another teaser of what occurred in Barbados with international singing star Rihanna. Read more

Snapshots: Rihanna + Oprah in Barbados for 'Oprah's Next Chapter'

International pop star Rihanna is joined by renowned media mogul Oprah Winfrey on a trip around her hometown of Barbados. The singer and talk show host were snapped together ahead of the broadcast of their interview for the next episode Oprah's Next Chapter. Read more

Oprah's Next Chapter: The Kardashians | TV Catch-Up

In the latest episode of her Next Chapter series, Oprah Winfrey takes visits the Kardashian family at their California home. Winfrey gets to know leaders of the household Kris and Bruce Jenner their children Kendall and Kylie Jenner, and the Kardashian quartet of Rob, Kim, Khloe and Kourtney. Read more

Oprah’s Next Chapter: Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson (Part 2) | TV Catch-Up

You've seen the first half of 50 Cent's appearance on Oprah Winfrey's Oprah's Next Chapter, in which the rapper spoke on his early years, his family and the initiative behind his Street King energy drink, and now you can watch the second half right here.Read more

50 Cent appears on 'Oprah’s Next Chapter' | TV Trailer

After years of friction between G-Unit general Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson and Oprah Winfey, it seems as though their relationship may have turned a corner. Fif will appear on the next episode of Oprah's prime time TV series Next Chapter. The sit down - which will take place at 50's Grandmother's house in Queens and will also appear alongside Oprah's interview with late Micheal Jackson’s daughter Paris Jackson - will go to air next Sunday on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network.

Below is the episode's trailer. Keep it locked to SC for the full episode.

[via hiphop-n-more]

Flashback: Spike Lee, Denzel Washington talk shop, state of Blacks in Hollywood [Video]

Back in 2008, dynamic acting/directing duo Spike Lee and Denzel Washington let the world sit in on one of their candid conversations. The old friends had a genuine, heart-to-heart discussion, talking about things including their mutual respect for each other, fun they've had on movie sets together, the role of Blacks in Hollywood at both the acting and directing levels and more. Read more