Watch: Nardwuar vs. Isaiah Rashad

Who is the only person on earth to make Isaiah Rashad recite Vancouver punk-rock? You got it in one: Nardwuar. Read more

French Montana vs. Nardwuar [Video]

French Montana

Hip-Hop's favorite oddball journalist Nardwuar got some time with Coke Boys figurehead French Montana in Vancouver recently. Read more

Nardwuar interviews Hudson Mohawke [Video]

Nardwuar vs. Hudson Mohawke

Speaking of Hudson Mohawke, who was just revealed as a collaborator on Drake's Nothing Was The Same, Nardwuar caught up with the G.O.O.D. Music producer in Vancouver and discussed a little bit about everything. You know how Nardwuar does it.

The quirky Canadian interviewer asked about his production on Cruel Summer's "Mercy," which was actually his foot in the door with G.O.O.D. Music, and his production on Kanye West's Yeezus' "Blood On The Leaves." The Scottish DJ also talked about battling Afrika Bambaataa at the 2011 RBMA Culture Clash, his father's rap skills, former radio show and the time MF DOOM missed his own gig in Russia. Oh, the things these musicians see. Watch the interview below.

Nardwuar vs SpaceGhostPurrp [Video]


In another edition of the hilariously educational Nardwuar The Human Serviette interview series, the Canadian journalist hooks up with rapper SpaceGhostPurrp to grill him with some of his [usually] on-point questioning.

Quite possibly one of the funniest Nardwuar interviews of recent months - mainly due to Purrp really not taking himself seriously and being open and honest - the two discuss Miami bass music [or booty music], strip clubs, and Trina - of which Purrp can't contain his excitement when talking about her derriere.

Other revelations include how the rapper in school used to try and get 'some' from kiss-and-tell groupie Katt Stacks, his mother's musical collaboration with Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, and the dragon breath disadvantages to rocking real gold teeth.

Pharrell turns the tables on Nardwuar [Video]


Most of you by now should be familiar with Nardwuar the Human Serviette. He's the Canadian music journalist with an insane eye for detail with research so on point that he could tell you what brand of toothpaste you use without ever meeting you before. With that said, one of the in-depth interviews he usually conducts himself was recently turned on him.

Hooking up with Pharrell Williams at SXSW, Nardwuar, after thinking the interview was over, was not expecting what was about to happen next. Filming for his I Am Other web channel - a cultural movement dedicated to thinkers, innovators and outcasts - Pharrell had a few questions of his own for the journalist.

Discussing his love of cheese, Heather Locklear, and confirming that one of the most sampled records in Hip-Hop history is in fact from Canada, it's interesting to hear Pharrell stump the usually confident motormouth to the point where he stumbles over his own words a few times while discussing his own musical inception.

Peep the interview with Nardwuar below.

Also take a look at the original interview with Pharrell before his question takeover.

Nardwuar vs Flatbush Zombies [Video]


After doing the rounds at SXSW festival, we're getting some more of the material epic interviewer Nardwuar collected as he interviewed some of the artists present - and this time we get to see him interview Brooklyn crew Flatbush Zombies for another conversation packed with random gems.

The trio of Meechy Darko, Zombie Juice and Erick Arc Elliott get into it with the human serviette as he brings out a number of random records to dish up some of the crews secrets, including their love for Fonzie and more weirdly Dumbo the cartoon elephant.

We also hear about their obsession with wrestling, which leads them to end the interview with a few of their fighting moves, with Nardwuar joining in for a spin on his usual statue ending pose.

Watch below.

Nardwuar vs Joey Bada$$ x Pro Era [Video]


Nardwuar is up to his old tricks again; this time he pulls his well-researched trickery on hip-hop's man-of-the-moment Joey Bada$$ and his Pro Era crew.

Grabbing the guys at this year's SXSW festival, the human serviette that is Nardwuar finds out that Joey might have had a man crush on Dru Hill's Sisqo back in the day, and also that as an entire collective Pro Era all share a love of everything MF Doom. Whilst not quite as long as some of his previous interviews, the Canadian presenter does shock producer Chuck Strangers by name checking Grenada as well as offering up some pretty cool Doom gifts.

Finishing with his usual little jingle followed by a frozen physical moment, the Pro Era crew decide to re-dress Nardwuar with a touch of odd fashion.

Peep the clip below.

Nardwuar vs Brother Ali [Video]

We recently watched Nardwuar drop a heap of musical knowledge on Wiz Khalifa's grateful brain; here's the latest interview from the Human Serviette, this time with Rhymesayers' rapper Brother Ali, a fountain of knowledge himself.Read more

Nardwuar vs Wiz Khalifa [Video]

Any doubts I had about these two dudes can be comprehensively put to one side now.Read more

Nardwuar vs. Waka Flocka Flame [Video]

Presented by Pharrell's iAmOther channel, Nardwuar the human serviette links up with the "juggernaut" that is Waka Flocka Flame and his brother Who The Kid. Famed for his well researched and usually hilarious interviews, Nardwuar quizzes Waka on his love for SWV, his love for salt and vinegar chips, his favourite barbecue (which happens to depend on who's cooking). Read more

Ed Sheeran vs. Nardwuar [Video]

Now this is something special. Nardwuar the Human Serviette is back with another genius interview that leaves his subject stunned, but instead of the rappers we're used to seeing him speak to lately, he catches up with our very own Ed Sheeran before a gig at The Queen Elizabeth Theater in Vancouver, Canada. Read more

Nardwuar Vs. Big Sean; Detroit rappers, Ma$e + more [Video]

You can't go to Canada and not do an interview with Nardwuar The Human Serviette, It's like the law or something.Read more

Nardwuar vs. 2 Chainz [Video]

Following on from the hilarity that ensued in his interview with Juicy J, i am OTHER's Nardwuar caught up with the cool cat that is 2 Chainz during his time in Vancouver, British Columbia. Tity Boi spoke on his interest in real estate, his jewellery tastes and eating pussy for breakfast, while Nardwuar bared gifts of Tom Lehrer vinyls, stripping records and a 2Pac doll.Read more

Nardwuar vs. Juicy J [Video]

Nardwuar's interviewed some eccentrics in his time (anyone catch that Kreayshawn video?), but in this latest discussion-slash-interrogation, I think he's finally found someone more crazier than himself: Juicy J.Read more

Nardwuar vs. El-P [Video]

A couple of weeks after probing the hip-hop historian DJ Premier, and Nardwuar has been down to some thorough research and steals NYC rap mainstay El-P for the customary discussion-slash-interrogation.Read more

Nardwuar vs. DJ Premier [Video]

Quickly becoming hip-hop's funniest interviewer, Nardwuar "The Human Serviette" continues on his comical run through some of the genre's finest as he finds himself toe-to-toe with the hip-hop historian himself, DJ Premier - perhaps finally meeting his counterpart.

Testing the man known for having an encyclopedic knowledge of the game, Nard questioned Preem on the music (of course), where he spoke on his love for James Brown, Franky Beverley and Vic Juris, but the producer also came with some interesting stories.

Apparently he's brawled with M.O.P. (and lived to tell the tale), witnessed Ice Cube and Suge Knight fist fight and caught Jay-Z and his old partner-in-rhyme Jaz on the live circuit back in the day. What's more, Premo says him and the former fiery Death Row femcee Lady of Rage are working on some joints together.

All that plus more below.