Curren$y - "N.O. Shit" | New Music

A new cut from New Orleans spitta Curren$y's upcoming Muscle Car Chronicles album, to be his final release with DD172 and Def Jam as he continues to release music through his own Jet Life Recordings and Warner, "N.O. Shit" takes us on a funky road trip crafted by producer Sean O'Connell, who handles the entire album's soundscape. "It's not what you know, it's what what you can prove - and I can so prove that I'm better than you," Spitta cruises confidently on this feather ruffling outing. The delayed Muscle Car Chronicles LP is anticipated for release this year.

Listen to Curren$y - "N.O. Shit":

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Curren$y - Muscle Car Chronicles Episode 2: McKenzie Eddy's Greatest Hits (Video)

Here is the second part of Curren$y's Muscle Car Chronicles series directed by Coodie & Chike.
Starring Curren$y and McKenzie Eddy and featuring "Earthlings" from McKenzie Eddy's Greatest Hits.

Curren$y's Muscle Car Chronicles album is out soon.

Curren$y ft. Mikey Rocks & Tabi Bonney - "Fly Out (Part Tres)" | New Music

For some reason the leak of this dope [no pun intended] track off Curren$y's delayed but highly anticipated fifth solo album, Muscle Car Chronicles, went under our radar over here at SoulCulture earlier this month - but not any longer. Featuring Mikey Rocks (of The Cool Kids) and Tabi Bonney "Fly Out (Part Tres)" is the ninth track on Muscle Car Chronicles, which is set to be Spitta's last album via his distribution deal with BluRoc Records and Def Jam.

Curren$y - "Fly Out (Part Tres)" Ft. Mikey Rocks & Tabi Bonney | DOWNLOAD

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Curren$y - "Soundbombin'" | New Music

"Soundbombin'" is the first song/introduction from Curren$y's forthcoming 9-track album Muscle Car Chronicles, scheduled to be released on Monday March 15. Just over a minute long, the rock-infused rap track is produced by Sean O'Connell and laced with heavy electric guitar and drum patterns- listen and download below.

Curren$y - "Soundbombin'":

The Muscle Car Chronicles album will also be accompanied by a movie starring Curren$y and McKenzie Eddy and directed by Coodie and Chike of Creative Control.

Download: Curren$y - Soundbombin'

Curren$y - "Soundbombing" (Preview/Recording Session Footage) | New Music

Arguably the hardest working MC in Hip hop today, Curren$y Spitta has liberated another peak into what his upcoming eagerly anticipated Muscle Car Chronicles LP - this time around it's the preview of track one off the album, titled "Soundbombing".

Watch as McKenzie Eddy, Dame Dash and Spitta discuss how the movie came to be a footage of the recording session for "Soundbombing". Jets Fool!

Curren$y - Muscle Car Chronicles | Cover Artwork + Tracklisting

The good folk at DD172 just unveiled the cover artwork for Curren$y’s upcoming album/short film Muscle Car Chronicles created by David Barnett and official tracklisting.

Check out the back cover + tracklisting after the jump...Read more

Curren$y - Muscle Car Chronicles: The Movie | Previews

If there was an award for the hardest working artist in Hip Hop, Curren$y Da Hot Spitta would be a shoe in for the award. After releasing not one but two critically acclaimed albums in 2010, Pilot Talk and Pilot Talk II, he then launched his lyrical assault on 2011 by dropping his Return To The Winners Circle mixtape. However, there seems to be no end in sight for quality material from Spitta as he is preparing to release his his debut film, a musical short entitled Muscle Car Chronicles and an album, by the same name, inspired by the film, both on the 8th of March.

Curren$y will also be dropping an album, with Eminem's tour DJ, the highly respected producer Alchemist, called Covert Coup EP.

In the first video, producer of the short film, Sean O'Connell, which also stars Blu Roc recording artist McKenzie Eddy, talks about how the film came about and below that is a trailer.