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Talented R&B crooner Mario delivers this slow jaunt, "Taste The Difference", about breaks ups and make ups. Mario talks of taking an ex back...after she's admitted to her wrongs, and 'taste's the difference', that is.

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Mario Talks Record Label, Arrest & Relationship With His Mother

R&B singer Mario hit blogsphere back in October for his personal life rather than his music, when sites documented him being accused of and arrested for assaulting his mother. The case was quickly dropped when his mother, whose struggles with a drug addiction have been well documented, retracted the accusation.

The young talent spoke to Vibe about his life in the aftermath of the incident, and his refocus on music.

"I’m a pretty strong person and I've been that way all my life. I feel like some people are immature and can't even imagine a family setting like when I grew up." The singer stated when asked how he reacted to the public's initial response to the incident, seemingly little concerned with public perception. "I care about my mother’s health more than anything and her getting back on my feet. It really doesn’t matter what happened to me. And she'll tell you herself that I've always been there for her and will continue to be there for her."

Mario also revealed that he's working on his 5th album, but explained that he often battles with his label, J Records, over the direction of his music.

"More than anything it's been a battle because I've been with them since 15. So now being a grown man and having experiences that people don’t even know about and wanting to share them… to them it’s a risk and they just want me to just stay strictly R&B. But I want to make records that people can relate to. If I feel like the world is going to end tomorrow, I want to write about that. And I feel like I have the talent for it. Like you can't tell Marvin Gaye to not write "What’s going on" so if you tell me I'm one of the greatest singers of my generation, than why won't you let me emote and tell my story?"

Read the full interview at Vibe.

Mario - 'Ooh Baby' (Music Video)

Making the internet rounds today is the video for 'Ooh Baby' - the third single from Mario's D.N.A album...

In Her Own Words: Marsha Ambrosius confirms signing to J Records, Forthcoming Collaborations + New Album


SoulCulture exclusive: Marsha Ambrosius confirms being signed to J Records. Just Blaze, Dre and Vidal and Focus are among the special guests featuring on her forthcoming album, Yours Sincerely... Marsha Ambrosius, to be released this year.

"Well, long story short, I AM SO EXCITED!!! :)  Having a solid career as a song-writer/producer for so long had me in a very comfortable lane.  It really wasn't a decision made on my part to pursue a solo career, it was a blessing to be offered.  My deal with Dr.Dre became a writing/production relationship with the Interscope building and I was cool with that.

Right now, I am so thankful to have a home at J Records, home of Alicia Keys, Jamie Foxx, Mario all of which  I have had the pleasure of working with.  J Records having an understanding with the direction of my sound and style has taken a great weight off my shoulders (literally lol - lost weight on weightwatchers HA!) and I am so comfortable and confident and happy to just be able to make music that I'm in love with again.

I have a tentative title for the album "Yours Sincerely... Marsha Ambrosius" which will be available some time this year (don't know when for sure just yet) and I'm in the studio right now putting the icing on the cake.  I treat my music like home cooked meals, it takes time, can't just bung it in the microwave or order it to go in 5mins.  I need to get all these flavors making sense together and have my listeners pressing play and letting it repeat over and over till you realize you listened to that song already :)

I'm making AN ALBUM!!! I can't wait to share it with the world :) I have Just Blaze, Dre & Vidal, Focus, myself and SPECIAL GUESTS TBA on MY album :) Woohoo :) :) :)"

Yours Truly,

Marsha Ambrosius

Follow her: @MarshaAmbrosius / Facebook

Photograph by Tamar Nussbacher for SoulCulture.


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Soul Train Music Awards 2009 - The Performances + Tributes (Videos)

For those who missed the Soul Train Music Awards 2009 tonight, here are videos of all of the night's performances... Watch 'em while you can, who knows how long they'll be up!

Keri Hilson performs medley:

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MATEO - "Get To Know Me" (Official Video)


Fresh from touring with the likes of Mario, Trey Songz and Chris Brown comes new MySpace Records signed R&B singer Mateo, with a video for "Get To Know Me" - taken from his recent live album, Get to Know Me:Live from The Swinghouse.

Get To Know Me: Live At Swing House is available digitally on iTunes and Amazon as well as at Physical copies are available at all Mateo live performances.

Self Preservation: An Interview With Joe

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