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King avriel bares all on "180" | New Music

As we prepare for the release of her eagerly anticipated project Thesis to materialise, King avriel delivers the last and most personal single to date, "180".Read more

King avriel delivers "Judgment Day/Valley Idols" | New Music

Apologies for the lack of posts over the last fortnight guys, some very exciting developments have been going on over here at SC HQ which will all be revealed very soon. But anyways, back to the mission of shining the light on some future greatness and today we bring you the latest from the beautiful King avriel.Read more

King avriel - "Caricatures" | New Music

After delivering some of the most cerebrally stimulating R&B cuts I have ever heard in the form of "Freedom", "Prelude", "Failed Messiah" and "Paranormal Paradigm", culture-shifter in the making King avriel today unveils "Caricatures", the first track from her eagerly anticipated debut project.
The highly intelligent Caifornia hailing singer-songwriter begins the project's campaign with an emotive and beautifully written exploration into perception and it's control on our emotions, relationships and life.

"No one is immune to prejudice. It’s embedded in our cultural DNA. But when we can face these facts and realize that there is value in learning from and about everyone we come into contact with, we can transform ourselves & our world." - King avriel.

Press play below...

Source: NYT

King avriel - "Freedom" | Music Video

King avriel

In the current musical environment we are in and have been in for a while, where we are constantly bombarded/force-fed meaningless hyper-sexualized, materialistic and derogatory imagery with no other purpose than to sell us "music", an artist like King avriel has hit the scene like Vanellope von Schweetz aka 'The Glitch' in Wreck It Ralph bringing about a change in the landscape.Read more