Jojo covers Jill Scott's "Whenever You're Around" (Video)

20-year old R&B singer/songwriter Jojo posted this video on her Youtube channel of her covering Jill Scott's hit "Whenever You're Around" from Scott's last album 2007's The Real Thing: Words and Sounds Vol. 3.

A little congested, but wanted to take a stab at this. Jill Scott is a Queen to me. This is my rendition of her song, "Whenever You're Around."

Check it out below.

In other Jill Scott related news, we reported earlier this week that Scott recently signed a new distribution deal with Warner Bros. and should be releasing her long awaited fourth studio album titled The Light Of The Sun this Summer.

Jojo - "Hollywood" | New Music

20 year old R&B/pop vocalist JoJo delivers "Hollywood", an emotive, soul-drenched ballad about trying to become a star in the tumultuous entertainment industry. In light of the young artist's recent label woes, the record is, no doubt, autobiographical. No word on where this will end up, but JoJo is currently working on her third album. Take a listen to the (lightly tagged) record below:


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Keri Hilson Takes Us Behind The Scenes on “The Way You Love Me” (Video)

Keri Hilson takes us behind the scenes on her much-buzzed about, steamy video to "The Way You Love Me". The LaurieAnn Gibson-directed video features Columbus Short as Keri's love interest, JoJo, Faith Evans, Dawn from Dirty Money and Rick Ross. Since it dropped earlier this week the video has had over 8 million hits.

Blogger Necole Bitchie interviewed choreographer LaurieAnn Gibson, who made her directorial debut with the video, to discuss the concept of the video, and why she feels black women need to reclaim their sexuality.

On the concept -

It is a story about a love affair. Keri is a bounty hunter and the person that she has to bring in is her love, her baby daddy, Columbus Short, who’s an actor who started out as a dancer. So she has like this ultimate decision to make that I feel like a lot of black women are faced with; Is he the right guy? Is he good enough? I love him. Listen, we are up against a lot of odds, we gotta support our black man against those odds. Do I turn him in? Do I honor my love and risk it all? So that’s basically what the concept of the video is.

On the overt sexuality in the video -

It’s a risk she had to take. As a black woman it is a little bit uncomfortable but what we are saying is we get to this place sexually where we want to feel like we’re that sexy, we’re that fly and why not? I mean white girls get behind us, I mean I love you Kim Kardashian but enough! Black girls are fly, you know what I’m saying? We’re beat, we’re the reason for the season and we need to embrace it! It’s a little uncomfortable because they kindly, politely put us in our position. Black women stand up and take back what their trying to snatch from us behind closed doors.

[Read the full interview over at Necole Bitchie.]

Hmm...personally I don't think it's a colour issue. When it comes to the way women - irrespective of race - present themselves sexually in the media, there's a thin line between sexy and cringeworthy, and "The Way You Love Me" definitely crosses teeters on the cringeworthy line.

JoJo – "In the Dark" | Official Video

Directed by Nicole Ehrlich and Clarence Fuller is the video for JoJo's "In the Dark" which is taken from her recently released mixtape Can't Take That Away From Me.
In some people's eyes this is quite a risque video for the 19 year old singer, but to be honest we've kinda seen it all before.

What do you guys think?


JoJo - Can't Take That Away From Me Mixtape | Freeload

Nineteen year-old R&B/Pop sensation JoJo drops this solid 11-track pre album mixtape which features the single "In the Dark" and boasts contributions from Chad Hugo of The Neptunes, Kenna, Oak, Beau Dozier, Jordan Gatsby, Travis Garland and more.

1. “Can’t Take That Away From Me”
2. “Running on Empty”
3. “Pretty Please”
4. “Why Didn’t You Call”
5. “Just a Dream”
6. “When Does It Go Away” featuring Travis Garland
7. “My Time Is Money”
8. “What You Like” featuring Jordan Gatsby
9. “In the Dark”
10. “Boy Without a Heart”
11. “All I Want Is Everything”

Definitely a worthy addition to your iPod.

Download and take a listen HERE
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