Marsha Ambrosius - Late Nights & Early Mornings | Album Cover

The official album cover has been unveiled for Marsha Ambrosius' Late Nights & Early Mornings release, scheduled to drop on November 9th January 2011 via J Records.

"J Records having an understanding with the direction of my sound and style has taken a great weight off my shoulders (literally lol – lost weight on weightwatchers HA!)," the former Floetry singer told SoulCulture at the top of the year, when the album was announced. "I am so comfortable and confident and happy to just be able to make music that I’m in love with again."

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In Her Own Words: Marsha Ambrosius confirms signing to J Records, Forthcoming Collaborations + New Album


SoulCulture exclusive: Marsha Ambrosius confirms being signed to J Records. Just Blaze, Dre and Vidal and Focus are among the special guests featuring on her forthcoming album, Yours Sincerely... Marsha Ambrosius, to be released this year.

"Well, long story short, I AM SO EXCITED!!! :)  Having a solid career as a song-writer/producer for so long had me in a very comfortable lane.  It really wasn't a decision made on my part to pursue a solo career, it was a blessing to be offered.  My deal with Dr.Dre became a writing/production relationship with the Interscope building and I was cool with that.

Right now, I am so thankful to have a home at J Records, home of Alicia Keys, Jamie Foxx, Mario all of which  I have had the pleasure of working with.  J Records having an understanding with the direction of my sound and style has taken a great weight off my shoulders (literally lol - lost weight on weightwatchers HA!) and I am so comfortable and confident and happy to just be able to make music that I'm in love with again.

I have a tentative title for the album "Yours Sincerely... Marsha Ambrosius" which will be available some time this year (don't know when for sure just yet) and I'm in the studio right now putting the icing on the cake.  I treat my music like home cooked meals, it takes time, can't just bung it in the microwave or order it to go in 5mins.  I need to get all these flavors making sense together and have my listeners pressing play and letting it repeat over and over till you realize you listened to that song already :)

I'm making AN ALBUM!!! I can't wait to share it with the world :) I have Just Blaze, Dre & Vidal, Focus, myself and SPECIAL GUESTS TBA on MY album :) Woohoo :) :) :)"

Yours Truly,

Marsha Ambrosius

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Photograph by Tamar Nussbacher for SoulCulture.


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Marsha Ambrosius Signs With J Records

Marsha Ambrosius Signs To J RecordsSo as I was watching back last night's Billboard hosted Alicia Keys & Friends concert at the legendary New York Apollo (featuring performances by Melanie Fiona & Raheem Devaughn), I happened to catch the blink and you'll miss it moment where the world first learns of Marsha Ambrosius' new deal with Clive Davis' SonyBMG distributed J Records.

After an enthusiastic set by Jermaine Paul (Alicia Keys' backing singer & MBK recording artist), the singer/songwriter then introduces Marsha Ambrosius as "Alicia Key's brand new J Records label mate". Marsha then performs and is later joined onstage by Alicia Keys to perform a special version of the late Michael Jackson's "Butterflies".

Click Image To Watch Full Show.
Click Image To Watch Full Show.


Congratulations to Marsha Ambrosius on her new deal! Can't wait for the new album.
Stay glued to for further details.

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VIDEO: Jazmine Sullivan performing "Heartless" (Kanye West)

jazI just came across this pretty crisp video of Jazmine Sullivan performing her own version of Kanye West's "Heartless" in concert, somewhere in the States.

I'm yet to see her in concert but if this video is anything to go by, it promises to be a pretty fly show. >> Londoners can catch Jazmine performing live at the Jazz Cafe on September 8th. Click here for details.

Anyone that slept on our interview with Jazmine Sullivan (shame on you!) can watch it here.

NEWS: Jazmine Sullivan performs in London, 8th September


Jazmine Sullivan is finally doing a London gig!

Catch her at London's Jazz Cafe in September...
Details below.

Doors 7pm
Adv £16.50

Click here to buy tickets directly from Jazz Cafe.

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Hailing from Philly with a voice ahead of her years, JAZMINE SULLIVAN speaks to about how Missy Elliott became an early fan of her music and discusses the pressures of image in the music industry and growing into her voice.

You might be surprised to hear this soulful young lady confess her passion for the Spice Girls... but don't judge!

Her album, Fearless, is out now on J Records.

Interviewed by Marsha Gosho Oakes
Filmed & Edited by Rize Of The Robotz