Ibn Inglor

Ibn Inglor: King of the Lost Children | Interview

Ibn Inglor doesn't live here in the present. There's a place in the distant future where sunlight has vanished leaving only neon lights, decaying buildings and apocalyptic soundscapes. This is where Ibn Inglor lives.

Over the past year the Chicago emcee has been able to paint this dynamic, ominous picture with two highly-acclaimed pieces in the form of GawdsSpeed and New Wave and as we enter 2014, Ibn's rise to relevance may not be that far away in the future as first thought. Interested in the unique persona Inglor has crafted and music that could quite easily feature as a soundtrack for a possible Spike Lee Sci-fi horror, Dave Reid set out to find out what the Chicago artist is all about. From Akira to obnoxious bloggers to a project that almost never happened, Ibn Inglor needs to be heard and the time is now. Read more

Jay Z sits down with Elliott Wilson for a #FactsOnly interview [Video]


New York journalist Elliott Wilson is no stranger to interviewing high profile artists, and with his current show The Truth airing on Jay Z's website Life+Times it was only right that he sat down with his boss before Hov prepared to take down Yankee stadium with Justin Timberlake, kicking off their Legends Of The Summer tour.

The pair sat down to talk about everything from Jay Z's thought process in making his latest album, Magna Carta Holy Grail, as well as how he came about the idea of touring and working with Justin. Jay also goes into detail about his love of art, and explains his choice to compare himself to highly regarded painters and artists, viewing art as no different to music and thinking of himself as being up there with the best.

This is just part one of the hour-long interview. Watch below and check back in later for the second half. Read more

Iamsu! talks Kilt II mixtape, upcoming projects and finishing school [Video]


Bay Area artist Iamsu! recently linked up with Xclusives Zone in New York to talk about his new mixtape Kilt II, his growth, working with L.A. rapper Problem, trying to finish school (props!), future projects and what he has on musical rotation at the moment.

If you haven't been introduced to Iamsu!, he's part of the Bay Area movement - a collection of artists making great music to party to. Listen to "Mobbin" and/or "Don't Stop". Those are just some tracks you might want to check out until he coughs up some new music for me to share with you.

Watch the full interview below and purchase Kilt II via iTunes.


Tech N9ne on indie success: "Majors would have to offer a lot for our blood, sweat and tears"

tech n9ne

Independence is something highly celebrated by many in the music industry today. While independent labels have been around for years and years, it wasn’t until the decline in music sales that indie labels then became the best way to get your music heard.

In hip-hop, labels such as Amalgam Digital and Koch, now known as E1 Entertainment, are two of the biggest names in the indie market, and then there was of course Rawkus Records once upon a time, who introduced the world to acts such as Talib Kweli, Pharoahe Monch, and a certain white boy by the name of Eminem.

There’s one label name missing though; and while they might not be a household name quite yet they are in fact one of the most successful indie labels on the planet; Strange Music.

With partner Travis O’Guin, Kansas City rhymer Tech N9ne started Strange Music in 1999. Since its launch the label has had big successes in the form of multiple album releases, sold out tours, and one of the biggest selections of music merchandise any label has to offer.

Taking time out from his busy European tour schedule, Tech N9ne sat down with Soul Culture at his first ever UK show to discuss independent sales, Kendrick Lamar, and battling with his dark side. Read more

Freedom Of Speech: Turk talks Prison, Lil' Wayne & Hot Boys Reunion | Interview


While it was Akon who famously sang, “I’m locked up/ They won’t let me out,” his miniature stint in the pen is nothing in comparison to many other sentences handed out in the hip-hop community. With bigger incarcerations coming in the form of Chi-Ali, who has just come home after a 12-year bid for manslaughter; and ex-Bad Boy rapper Shyne, who was released in 2009 after serving a nine-year sentence for attempted murder, assault, and reckless endangerment; it seems as if jail time and hip-hop, at times, go hand in hand.

Enter Tab Virgil, Jr., better known by his stage name Turk.

A Cash Money Records ex-signee, the New Orleans rhymer was a member of the highly successful group the Hot Boys. Alongside Lil’ Wayne, B.G. and Juvenile, with Baby aka Birdman, Slim, and Mannie Fresh overseeing things, Turk and the crew quite literally took over the airwaves between the years of 1998 and 2002. Selling records in their millions as a label, Turk’s only solo effort with Cash Money came in the form of the Gold selling 2001 release Young & Thuggin’.

After leaving the label disputing financial differences, Turk’s world would evidently be turned upside down in 2005 when he was convicted on federal charges of being a felon in possession of a firearm, a fugitive from justice in possession of a firearm, and an unlawful user addicted to a controlled substance in possession of a firearm. With all of these charges stemming from the shooting of a police officer early 2004, it was obvious that Turk was in hot water and there was no way of cooling it down.

Serving his time whilst also releasing a few albums in the process, Turk was finally released in October 2012 and Soul Culture were granted some time with the unsung Hot Boy. Read more

Dead Prez discuss 'Information Age', politics, state of society [Video]

Veteran hip-hop duo Dead Prez, composed of Brooklyn native M1 and Floridian stic.man, sat down with Out Da Box TV to discuss a number of issues, including their recent album Information Age, their artistic growth and the state of America. The group has always been freethinking and outspoken, and they pulled no punches when asked for their opinions on an array of topics. Read more

Nardwuar vs Brother Ali [Video]

We recently watched Nardwuar drop a heap of musical knowledge on Wiz Khalifa's grateful brain; here's the latest interview from the Human Serviette, this time with Rhymesayers' rapper Brother Ali, a fountain of knowledge himself.Read more

Fabolous discusses the making of 'The Soul Tape 2' on Tale of the Tape [Video]

Fabolous released his new mixtape The Soul Tape 2 yesterday (October 22nd) and in the video below he talks to OnSmash about the project as part of their "Tale of the Tape" series.

In a candid, 15-minute interview Loso discusses a wide range of subjects, from his inspiration for making the project, to his status as one of the game's most underrated artists, to why he doesn't DM girls. Whilst going into some detail about the tape itself, his favourite track, and the producers he enlisted to help him make it, Fab also touches on the issue of his longevity and the generational changes which his music is forced to address.

In terms of future projects, he reveals that there probably won't be another There Is No Competition tape, but says he'd like to work with DJ Drama again. He says that his new album, Loso's Way 2: Rise To Power, is likely to drop in late February/early March.

Watch the full interview below:


Bridging The Rhythmic Gap: Tinashe talks Stage, Stunners & Reverie

Childhood stardom is not the easiest thing to deal with. The combination of unorthodox working hours, constant travel itineraries, and also the lack of connection with others of the same age, can all prove too much for those not built for an industry absorbed in high demand. While the likes of Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber have done well to not fall victim to the pressures of the modern day celebrity lifestyle, there are those who have not been as fortunate. However Tinashe Kachingwe is cut from a different type of cloth. Read more

Nardwuar vs Wiz Khalifa [Video]

Any doubts I had about these two dudes can be comprehensively put to one side now.Read more

Kendrick Lamar speaks on J.Cole, Sherane + Shyne, don't expect a new album for a while [Video]

Kendrick Lamar recently sat down with Power 98's Bootleg Kev and spoke on a variety of topics to do with good kid, m.A.A.d city and future projects. Read more

Interview: Ne-Yo on bringing substance to Dance music, storytelling & Country | SoulCulture TV

On his recent trip to London ahead of the release of hisnew album, R.E.D., Arkansas born Grammy winning R&B star Ne-Yo sat down with SoulCulture TV to discuss his views on bringing soul and substance to Dance music, his appreciation for Country music and storytelling, and experiencing unconditional love in a new way through fatherhood. Read more

Pharrell discusses new book 'Places and Spaces I've Been' [Video]

In this candid video, Pharrell Williams discusses the inspiration behind his new book project Places and Spaces I've Been, while we watch him attend his first book signing at Marc Jacobs' BOOK MARC store in Los Angeles. Read more

Jessie Ware shares 'An Intricate Tale' of soul, dance and 'Devotion' [Video]

Jessie Ware recently had a chat with the Hypetrak team at the Red Bull Studios to discuss the aims behind her September PMR Recordings debut, Devotion, and her dance influences growing up. Read more

Ed Sheeran vs. Nardwuar [Video]

Now this is something special. Nardwuar the Human Serviette is back with another genius interview that leaves his subject stunned, but instead of the rappers we're used to seeing him speak to lately, he catches up with our very own Ed Sheeran before a gig at The Queen Elizabeth Theater in Vancouver, Canada. Read more

"The West Coast never left": Game discusses 'Jesus Piece' album, thoughts on Kendrick Lamar [Video]

With his fifth studio album about to drop in December, West Coast rapper Game takes some time out with Beats TV to discuss how he chose the title Jesus Piece, his love for California and what he thinks of fellow Comptom emcee Kendrick Lamar. Read more