Ibn Inglor

Ibn Inglor: King of the Lost Children | Interview

Ibn Inglor doesn't live here in the present. There's a place in the distant future where sunlight has vanished leaving only neon lights, decaying buildings and apocalyptic soundscapes. This is where Ibn Inglor lives.

Over the past year the Chicago emcee has been able to paint this dynamic, ominous picture with two highly-acclaimed pieces in the form of GawdsSpeed and New Wave and as we enter 2014, Ibn's rise to relevance may not be that far away in the future as first thought. Interested in the unique persona Inglor has crafted and music that could quite easily feature as a soundtrack for a possible Spike Lee Sci-fi horror, Dave Reid set out to find out what the Chicago artist is all about. From Akira to obnoxious bloggers to a project that almost never happened, Ibn Inglor needs to be heard and the time is now. Read more

Ibn Inglor - "Black Print" | Music Video

Ibn Inglor Black Print

While his refreshingly experimental mixtape New Wave still lingers in the most perceptive of Hip-Hop heads among us, Ibn Inglor finally adds a visual to the boundless project in the form of "Black Print".Read more

Ibn Inglor - 'New Wave' Mixtape | Stream/Download

Ibn Inglor New Wave

Impervious to the light of the day or quite possibly time, New Wave journeys to a distant future of orchestral synths and drops akin to worlds colliding. Put simply, if Spike Lee were to make a sci-fi horror, Ibn Inglor's new mixtape would have to be the soundtrack. Read more

Ibn Inglor - "Black Print" | New Music

Ibn Inglor Black Print

It doesn't take two seconds before the new artist on the block get comparisons fired at them. Then seemingly another 2 seconds pass and they're victim to their own comparisons to the even newer kids on the block. It’s all a vicious circle and Ibn Inglor doesn't appreciate it.

These are the thoughts echoed on Ibn's new track "Black Print", his last release before the heavily anticipated New Wave drops. Produced by Tom Tripp, "Black Print" issues a warning shot to anyone who dares to juxtapose his talents to anyone, especially his Chi-Town superior, Kanye West.

Unfortunately these comparisons are inevitable, especially when an artist of such talent as Ibn steps in, however it’s refreshing to see a new kid on the block as himself address the issue. Whilst most artists revel in such commendations until they implode - as many do - Ibn uses the oozing creativity of his to put a daunting, synth heavy spin on things.

Call him the new… Actually we better not.

This is Ibn Inglor.

Ibn Inglor - "New Wave" | New Music


The dystopian, ominous sound of Ibn Inglor returns today with another shrouded landscape of haunting synths, fearful drums and forceful wordplay featured on his new track "New Wave." Read more