Don Cannon x Mars - The Peaceful Journey: A Tribute to Heavy D [Mixtape] | Stream + Download

A few days later than scheduled comes an all new Heavy D tribute mixtape from multi Grammy Award winning producers Don Cannon and Mars (of 1500 or Nothin). The tape entitled The Peaceful Journey: A Tribute to Heavy D, boasts a rich mix of legendary talent such as Sizzla, Busta Rhymes, Q-Tip, Janet JacksonKool G Rap, Grand Puba, Big Daddy Kane and special production work from Cookin' Soul and Statik Skeletah. Stream the entire mixtape below...
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President Obama, Puffy, Jay-Z & Will Smith pay their respects to the late Heavy D [Video]

The life of the late great Heavy D was celebrated at a private funeral ceremony on Friday, November 18 at the Grace Baptist Church in the The Overweight Lover's hometown of Mount Vernon, New York. Many members of the Hip Hop community, including [Heavy D's first cousin and one of his pall bearers] Pete RockDiddy, Jay-ZWill Smith, Queen Latifah, Russell SimmonsMary J. Blige and former Heavy D & the Boyz group members, DJ Eddie F (pall bearer) and DJ G-Wiz (pall bearer) attended the service to pay their respects to the rapper.
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DJ Premier - Heavy D Tribute Mix | Free Download

A few days after DJ Quik and Bussa Buss released their tributes to the late Heavy D, who died on November 8, comes a very special and quite excellent tribute mix by the one and only DJ Premier.
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DMC shares his thoughts on the passing of Heavy D [Video]

As many of you know, on November 8th Hip Hop lost another one its beloved icons, Heavy D. With the Hip Hop loving community still in shock at the news of Heavy's untimely passing, many of Hip Hops stars from past and present have been paying their very own tributes to the legend born, Dwight Myers. During a break at a recent Run DMC’s event celebrating 25th anniversary since the release of the group's classic "My Adidas", DMC spoke with Vibe and for the first time disclosed his thoughts and feelings on the affect Heavy's passing has had on Hop Hop and the wider Hip Hop community.

Rest In Perfect Peace... Heavy D.

Heavy D: A Legend Gone Too Soon (May 24, 1967 – Nov 8, 2011)

The legendary Dwight “Heavy D” Myers passed away on the afternoon of November 8, 2011 in Los Angeles, California around 1pm PST at an LA Hospital.

The loss of Myers signaled another painful reminder that popular culture is losing our legends at an alarming rate. Numerous current and past entertainers expressed their sentiments via Twitter and other media outlets. His groundbreaking arrival on the urban music scene in the late 1980s was instrumental in fortifying the foundations of Hip Hop and New Jack Swing genres respectively.
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Al B. Sure! co-producer Kyle West recalls the making of In Effect Mode (1988) | Return To The Classics

In Effect Mode was released on May 3, 1988 to an ever-changing R&B fan base and it became an instant success for newcomer Al B. Sure! Upon its release, Al B. Sure! created quite a buzz with his lead single “Nite and Day.” At a time where the R&B genre was at a crossroads in terms of the musical and artistic direction, Al B. Sure! arrived on the scene with a groundbreaking sound called New Jack Swing.

New Jack Swing was a new movement dominating the R&B music scene in the late 1980s. Teddy Riley is credited with ushering in this musical genre after the pivotal success of 
Keith Sweat's “Make It Last Forever” album that was released a year earlier. In Effect Mode was transcendent in proving how commercially viable New Jack Swing could potentially become as a musical genre. It helped to create a new wave of New Jack Swing performers for the ladder half of the 1980s and the early 1990s.

Alongside his cousin, Kyle West, Al B. Sure! produced, arranged and wrote every song on the album with the exception of two records. He ultimately became one of the more noteworthy figures in the R&B scene of the late 1980s and gave credence to a burgeoning genre of urban music.

Unlike most R&B singers, Al B. Sure!'s musical foundation was built in rap music. He was best friends with Eddie Ferrell (Eddie F.) of Heavy D & The Boyz while growing up in New York and his desire was to become a rapper initially, but it wasn't until after listening to the music his cousin, Kyle West was producing that he decided to pursue a singing career.

In the course of a six month period, Sure! taught himself how to write, arrange and produce R&B songs in the same vein of his idol Michael Jackson. After turning down an athletic scholarship to play sports at the University of Iowa, he shifted his focus to become a full-time recording artist. For the last few months of 1986, he spent time honing his craft in as a songwriter and musician to begin producing his debut album. In January of 1987, he met Andre Harrell who was starting his own record label called Uptown Records and here is where his story begins.

Between the autumn of 1986 through the spring of 1988 the majority of In Effect Mode was recorded in Unique Recordings studio in New York, New York.

SoulCulture recently sat down with Kyle West, the first cousin of Al B. Sure! and co-writer and co-producer of seven songs on Al B. Sure!'s debut album, In Effect Mode to talk about the process of creating the album from start to finish. Read more