Win tickets to see Vikter Duplaix perform live @AestheticSounds, London this week!

Grammy nominated singer, songwriter, producer and DJ with soul, Vikter Duplaix returns to the UK this week to commandeer the stage at East London live music night Aesthetic Sounds with a full band on Friday October 7, with homegrown acts Gavin Holligan, Sarah Fonteyne and Shakka opening the show for the Philadelphia native.

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Anna Omak: Non-conformist with Endless Possibilities | Interview

[Photo by Michele Roux]

As Anna Omak arrives at a central London location for our interview, I am struck by how positively statuesque she is. Tall and poised, today she favours the simple elegance of dark denim jeans and a black winter jacket whilst sporting a luscious shiny mane of carefully styled afro hair. Her clear, coffee bean complexion brings out her striking bone structure. No wonder British legend Sting was quite smitten by Anna during a chance encounter, claiming if he wasn’t already taken he would have married her.

But it would do a disservice to Anna to let you think she’s just another good-looking chick with vague musical aspirations. A self-taught guitarist, singer-songwriter and vocal coach, she’s the genuine article. Read more

Striker-Turned-Singer: Gavin Holligan Interview

It is often said that in life, when one door closes, another window of opportunity opens.  Never a truer word was spoken in the case of native South Londoner Gavin ‘Hollerz’ Holligan, the former Wycombe Wanderers and West Ham striker, whose premature departure from football gave him a chance to focus on his other great love: music. Alongside Lynden David Hall, Amy Winehouse, Leona Lewis and Adele, Gavin is an alumnus of the renowned BRIT School. An autodidact pianist, Holligan received his first Casio keyboard at five years old and never looked back.

Fast forward nearly 25 years and Gavin is not only a sought-after session musician but a singer-songwriter, producer and entrepreneur currently doing the promotional rounds for his debut EP, We’re Coming.  Soul Culture joins him in the hustle and bustle of London Victoria Station to discuss his musical odyssey, including how he made the transition from full time sportsman to music-maker. Read more