Ice-T on The Art Of Rap: why new rappers weren't featured, innovation in rap & more | SoulCulture TV

"To tell a true story you have start at the beginning."

On his recent visit to London to promote his new documentary From Nothing To Something: The Art Of Rap, Gangsta Rap pioneer, actor and now documentary director Ice-T took some time to talk to us at SoulCulture, dropping gems of wisdom on the absence of newcomers in his film, the competitive nature of the genre, innovation in the future of rap and more.Read more

Eminem talks upcoming LP, Beastie Boys influence + more with DJ Whoo Kid [Audio]

DJ Whoo Kid doesn't get enough credit for his interviews (and giving them, too - just ask Jack Thriller). Always locking down the big names, the fired-then-hired G-Unit DJ got on the phone with none other than Eminem to talk hip-hop and have a laugh. The Shady Records boss discussed possible collaborations with Dr. Dre on his forthcoming eighth LP, revealed that there'll be more of Slim Shady of the DVD bonus features of Ice-T's The Art of Rap, and spoke in detail on his love for the Beastie Boys, believing Licensed to Ill "changed rap".Read more

Sneak Peek: Extended Eminem freestyle + interview from 'The Art of Rap' [Video]

Earlier this month, we got a 45-second sneak peek at Eminem's freestyle from the Ice-T-directed From Nothing To Something: The Art of Rap film.Read more