The Marmite of the fashion world, designer Jeremy Scott shows off his truly unique and daring Autumn fashion collection at New York Fashion Week.

Having had a super successful collaboration with Adidas with their shoe range and even having his designs shown during the Superbowl commercials recently, viewed by 111 million people, Scott goes back to his original stomping ground; Fashion Week.

Having shown a more subdued, pastel coloured palette during his last collection, Scott lets everyone know that Summer is definitely here with bursts of bright, psychedelic colour and his quirky, cartoon style images including a unicorn and a Bart Simpson print.

Love it or hate it, these designs definitely have his style stamped all over them (not literally, although I wouldn’t put it past him). I personally love the hairy rainbow cape. Seriously. Be prepared to see these runway designs on the likes of Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry imminently.