We’ve come to expect some of the most outlandish and innovative designs from New York fashion designer Jeremy Scott as his jaw-dropping collections for Adidas continue to shock everyone and yet still sell out in droves. Scott attempts to shake up 2013 with his Spring collections by largely ditching his animal designs and concentrating more on the sports aspect of things – but not in the obvious, sports-fashion way.

Scott’s niche here is to take the conventional and put his stamp on it. His tracksuits designs may look ordinary at first glance, but from the back he uses a cut out design on the jacket leaving it almost backless, aside for the Adidas leaf logo resting on the upper back. He also shows his take on the basketball vest, as he redesigns it for women, adding a train to it and turning it into a sporty ‘mullet’ dress (long at the back and short at the front).

Other prints he experiments with this time around include a sports related snooker ball print, as well as the imaginative head-to-toe totem pole design featured on tracksuits and a full length dress. Capitalising on the sudden surge in interest for Scottish heritage in fashion, we can also see an out-there red tartan tracksuit, as well as a yellow tartan kilt.

Check out the collection in the gallery below.