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Nigel Sylvester rides through NY for G-Shock’s ‘Blackout’

March 11th, 2013 | by Nura Abdela
Nigel Sylvester rides through NY for G-Shock’s ‘Blackout’


Nigel Sylvester is fast becoming one of the most marketable sports personalities after his series of promotional videos first with Beats By Dre, and now in his new commercial for G-Shock. In the run up to the release of their Blackout watch, the watch brand has enlisted the pro BMX rider to help build excitement as he takes on the streets of New York, along with cameos from Jadakiss and model Yaris Sanchez, amongst others.

The commercial begins with a little bit of help from radio personality Angie Martinez as she announces on-air that the streets of NY have gone crazy – little does she know it’s all because of a watch. Sylvester rides through the city on his BMX spurred on by a pacing tribal drum beat, passing by a fair few familiar faces on the way [I think I spotted 6 known faces...]. He reaches an apartment building where he enters a room to be met with the new timepiece and all is set right in the city again.

The Blackout watch is available for $99 through department stores or via Check out the commercial and a snapshot of the watch below.