Video: Jill Scott on Conveying True Emotion / Regina King on voicing Boondocks

Catching up on TV on a Sunday…

Mo’Nique thanks Jill from Philly for music that has ‘changed and saved’ lives and relationships – and made a whole lotta babies. “I allow myself to feel everything that I’m feeling, so that when it’s time to write I know what I’m talking about,” Jill says. “All in the writing, all in the singing of it… I wanna convey an emotion every time somebody listens to a song; every time I want you to be in that moment.”

Scott also talks about her role in Lifetime movie Sins Of The Mother, followed by an interview with Mo’Nique’s second guest, actress Regina King – the voice of Huey and Riley Freeman in The Boondocks. Fans of “Golden” should watch to the end for Jill Scott’s live studio performance.

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