The inspiration behind the latest episode of The Boondocks? SAMURAI CHAMPLOO

On watching the latest installment of The Boondocks, my Japanese-culture-loving sister pointed out that it bears a strong resemblance to an episode of cult-animé show, ‘Samurai Champloo’. Boondocks originator Aaron McGruder has been quite honest from the get-go about doing a ‘Tarantino’ and borrowing heavily from the animated Japanese series visually and conceptually. Plus there’s the pervasive presence of Hip-Hop in both. Replacing Baseball with Kickball, perhaps this latest offering is the first out-and-out homage to Mr McGruder’s inspiration…or a shameless rip-off? You decide.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Also worth checking out to hear the production-skills of late underground soulful-Hip Hop hero, Nujabes who died earlier this year.

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