Jamie Foxx to present “inspirational” Thunder Soul music doc on Kashmere Stage Band

R&B Singer and Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx is set to present the forthcoming Roadside Attractions‘ [US distributors of Good Hair and The Cove] music documentary Thunder Soul for its September 2011 release and is also set to serve as executive producer alongside his FoxxKing Entertainment partner, Jaime King, on the documentary.

The Mark Landsman-directed Thunder Soul which premiered and won ‘The Audience Award’ at the 2010 SXSW festival documents the story of Houston’s famous Kashmere Stage Band ’70s alumni as they return in 2008 to play a tribute concert for their legendary band leader, 92-year old Conrad “Prof” Johnson and also captures the story of Conrad “Prof” Johnson and the excellent high school music program he built at Kashmere High School in the late ’60s and ’70s. Conrad Johnson passed away soon after the 2008 reunion.

“I can’t wait to share Thunder Soul with the world so that everyone can enjoy this one of a kind experience,” Foxx says of the film, via Hollywood Reporter.

“It’s such an entertaining and inspirational story that touches your soul and awakens the human spirit in the way that only love and the power of music can.”

Thunder Soul will be released in theaters in September 2011.

Check out this video of Thunder Soul director Mark Landsman talking about the film at SXSW below: