Where I’m From: Episodes 1 & 2 ft. Sacha Jenkins x Brent Rollins [Video]

Arte.tv and Media Gasface, the good folks behind the New York Minute series, have now launched another set of webisodes titled Where I’m From, in which they interview a a range of individuals that may not be well know by the average Hip Hop or music fan but have played a part in the growth of the genre in a plethora of artistic forms. In the interviews the subjects will discuss where they are from and what part those areas have played in Hip Hop history.

In the first webisode, graf writer, co-founder of Ego Trip magazine and author Sacha Jenkins discusses the widely accepted story of the birth of Hip Hop, The South Bronx, in conjunction with those he feels history may have ignored…

In episode two legendary art designer Brent Rollins, who has designed some of Hip Hop’s classic and timeless album artwork including Gang Starr‘s Full Clip and the artwork for Mos Def and Talib Kweli’s Black Star album, not to forget Freeway’s Stimulus Package album, discusses growing up in South (Central) L.A, Spike Lee, working with Boyz N The Hood director, John Singleton and Biggie Smalls: