Common On His Leading Role In Just Wright Rom-Com & Guru’s Legacy

“You just hope that you can be as real as possible in the moments.”

BlackTree TV‘s Jamaal Finkley goes one-on-one with the thinking man’s favourite artist and actor Common on the pressures of playing the leading man in new rom-com Just Wright, as basketball star Scott McKnight opposite Paula Patton and Queen Latifah.

“I’ve been on stage doing this so many times for so many years; [there’s] nervousness and excitement [before going] in front of the crowd, but the nervous energy that comes [when] about to do a scene is different,” he says. “You’re in a different mindspace… I think people that have that nervousness really love what they do and are passionate about it, so that that’s where that comes from.”

He also speaks on the recent passing of Hip Hop legend Guru:

“Guru was one of the most important elements to ever come to hip hop, one of the most important voices to come in Hip Hop… Gang Starr – one of the greatest groups ever in music and definitely defined what Hip Hop is.

“I had the pleasure and the blessing to tour with Guru and Gang Starr years ago. Guru and I had a great little bond – I got to perform with him on his Jazzmatazz 4 [The Hip Hop Jazz Messenger: Back to the Future] album.

“We’ll miss him physically but his spirit will always be – and God bless his family.”

He also makes an appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to talk about which musicians he looks up to, along with some more movie plugging:

Just Wright stars Common and Queen Latifah in a romantic comedy that tells “the story of a physical therapist who falls in love with a pro basketball player” whilst helping him to recover from a career-threatening injury.

Click to watch Just Wright film trailer.

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