Bashy x Panasonic present ‘At First Sight’ | Short Film

bashy at first sight
London repping rapper and actor Bashy joins forces with Panasonic for a new online short film.

Directed by David Allain of Rankin Film Productions, At First Sight documents the ups and downs of being in a relationship and one couple’s struggle to stay together, which results in a pretty moving and beautifully told story. Bashy (real name Ashley Thomas) demonstrates his versatility as an actor in the five minute visual and appears to have a real flair for the craft, by playing the lovestruck male who is torn between his girlfriend (played by Hannah Arterton) and his work.

The simple, yet effective movie has been shot entirely on the new Lumix GH3 camera and constantly switches between scenes from the past and the future, in a bid to give viewers a complete overview of the couple’s relationship – from start to (what seems to be) end.

Watch At First Sight below.